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I'm just gonna break the ice. Are you an angel?
Sometimes I wish I were. My name is Kim Schortz, and I'm a grief counselor here at the hospital.
— Dean Winchester and Kim Schortz
in I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here

Kim Schortz is a grief counselor who worked at Linwood Memorial Hospital.


After Sam Winchester took fatal damage from doing the Trials of God, his brother Dean took him to Linwood Memorial Hospital where he prayed to any angel listening for help in healing Sam after learning the direness of his condition. Shortly thereafter, Kim entered Sam's room and Dean immediately asked if she was an angel, but she said that she was just a grief councilor at the hospital. Disappointed, Dean tells Kim he doesn't need her services as he's not grieving yet. Kim suggests that as hard as it might be, it might be a good time for Dean to talk to her about Sam's inevitable death, but Dean refuses to accept that Sam will die. Kim tells Dean that she's a prayerful woman who believes in miracles as much as the next person, but that she can also read an EEG and knows that Sam's condition is dire. Kim suggests that unless Dean has a direct line to the angels, he accept the situation. Dean admits that he apparently doesn't but realizes that he has something better: "I've got the King of Hell in my trunk." As Dean walks off, a confused Kim asks if that's a metaphor.

When an angel arrived looking for a vessel, Kim consented, presumably due to her strong religious faith. After pulling the hospital fire alarm, Dean found Kim on the floor and helped her up, not realizing that she was possessed until it was too late. Dean eventually banished the angel possessing Kim and the Farmer Angel from the hospital using an angel banishing sigil.