This unnamed woman was a lady that was mind controlled by Callie Garrison to become one of her fairy tale murderers along with an unnamed man. This woman attacked married couple Ken and Julie Watson, the woman spared Julie but murdered Ken.

When Julie and Ken Watson were lost in the woods they had found a small house where this woman had invited them in and even let them eat her pies. However, unknowing to Ken and Julie the woman had drugged the pies. Ken and Julie collapse from the effects of the drugs as the woman watches. The woman gets up and grabs a knife, the woman stabs Ken multiple times with the knife, killing him. Julie screams in horror, however the woman weirdly spares her and leaves.

Later, Sam and Dean Winchester investigate Ken's murder and Julie explains how she had noticed a woman in the window watching Ken being murdered. Sam and Dean realize that fairy tales were coming to life, Ken and Julie representing Hansel and Gretel. It is shown that Callie had the old lady spare Julie so that Julie would describe the killing like Kyle had so that she (Callie) would be put to rest.



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