Castiel: This is a massacre.

Cain: Yes. And soon it will be a genocide. My children, my whole poisoned issue. Lot of them out there right now -- killers, fighters, thieves. Some more peaceful than others, but they still carry it -- the disease. If the Mark wants blood, I'll give it mine.

Beings killed by the Knights of Hell.


Knights of HellEdit

Regular DemonsEdit


Men of LettersEdit

  • Henry Winchester - Fatally impaled in the abdomen by Abaddon.
  • Larry Ganem - Throat slit by Abaddon while possessing his wife in 2013.
  • Ted Bowen, Mr. Markham and a large amount of the Men of Letters Elders - Brutally slaughtered by Abaddon on the night of August 12, 1958.
  • Entire American chapter - Slaughtered by Abaddon on August 12, 1958.


Regular HumansEdit

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