Beings killed by Gordon Walker



  • Christina Flanagan - Decapitated with a large blade despite knowing that she was a "vegetarian" vampire.
  • Unnamed member of Lenore's nest - Decapitated despite knowing that they were a "vegetarian" vampire.
  • Gordon's Sister's sire - Decapitated by Gordon in revenge for turning his sister into a vampire, Gordon's first kill.
  • Gordon's Sister - Decapitated due to her becoming a vampire and thus an "it" in Gordon's mind.
  • Dixon's Daughters - Heads ripped off by Gordon after he was turned into a vampire.
  • Dozens of vampires - Hunted and killed by Gordon over his career as a hunter.


Special ChildrenEdit

  • Scott Carey - Stabbed with a large knife after learning of his role as a soldier in an upcoming demon war.


  • Teenage Girl - Died of the injuries Gordon inflicted upon her while torturing the demon that had possessed the girl.


Regular HumansEdit

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