Beings killed by God.



  • Jack Kline - Smote by God with a snap of his fingers due to the threat Jack represented to him. Later resurrected by Billie.
  • Multiple Ancient Nephilim - Killed by God through unspecified methods during biblical times.


Cloaked FiguresEdit

  • All living Cloaked Figures - Killed when God destroyed the Bad Place with a cataclysmic storm.




Regular HumansEdit

  • Kimiko - Smote by God in order to talk to Amara.
  • RadioShed Employee - Killed when God conjured a rain of meteors to destroy Earth 2 one which landed directly on RadioShed.
  • An entire casino full of people - Killed by God in order to enjoy and use the casino uninterrupted.
  • Inhabitants of numerous alternate realities - Killed by God as he destroyed the Multiverse.
    • Inhabitants of Earth 2 - Killed with a rain of meteors.
    • Inhabitants of HunterCorp World - Killed with a cataclysmic explosion of some kind.
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