Kick it in the ass was the catch phrase of Supernatural producer and director Kim Manners, who died in January 2009.


The phrase has been used repeatedly throughout the series as a tribute to Manners. The phrase first showed up in Season 5 onwards.

In Abandon All Hope..., Ellen's parting words to Dean are "Kick it in the ass" - a deliberate use according to Ellen's actress, Samantha Ferris.

In Swan Song, Dean Winchester loads what is commonly referred to as "Dean's last mix tape" into the cassette deck while on his way to confront Lucifer at Stull Cemetery. The mix tape is labeled "Kick It In The Ass".

In The Girl With The Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo, after Sam gives Charlie the "What would Hermione do?" pep speech, Charlie answered with "She kicked ass" and promise to "Kick it in the ass" herself. According to Charlie's actress, Felicia Day, the line was originally "Kick Ass" but changed on the suggestion of director John MacCarthy.

In Clip Show, when Sam suggests giving in to Crowley's demands, Dean says: "We'll figure this out. We will. Man, we'll get it done. We'll kick it in the ass like we always do."

In Fan Fiction, Dean ends an encouraging speech to Maeve and Marie with "Kick it in the ass".

In Inside Man, Bobby's letter to Sam ends with the phrase "kick it in the ass".

In Who We Are, as Jody is about to leave with Sam on a mission to infiltrate the British Men of Letters compound, Alex tells her not to be careful, but to "Kick it in the ass".


  • Alongside "Assbutt" and "Bitch, Jerk", Kim Manners' catch phrase is one of the most recurring phrases that has become iconic to the show.
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