Michael's taking me to paradise world so I can meet hot women.
— Kevin to Lucifer
in War of the Worlds

Kevin Tran was a prophet that existed in the Apocalypse World that Jack opened.

He was an alternate reality version of Kevin Tran.


Season 13Edit

Kevin is recruited by Michael to open a rift that leads to another world. Michael promises Kevin "hot women" which entices Kevin to try.

Kevin arrives with the Angel Tablet at a church and meets Lucifer, who is surprised to see him and identifies him. Confused, Kevin questions if they've ever met before he learns of his counterpart being dead which shocks him though Michael shrugs this off.

Lucifer expresses surprise to find Kevin working with a "monster", referring to Michael. Kevin doesn't believe Michael is the monster since Lucifer is Satan.

Kevin reads the instructions for opening the rift and is given Lucifer's grace as one of the ingredients. When a rift successfully opens, Kevin is delighted as such a feat was never thought possible. The rift closes when Lucifer manages to jump through yet Kevin is still overjoyed.

Michael is enraged and orders Kevin to make another rift as soon as possible.

Lucifer later reveals to Castiel that Michael and Kevin were working on a way to enter their world, referring to Apocalypse World Kevin as "meth head Kevin Tran".

In Devil's Bargain, Castiel tells Sam and Dean that Lucifer returned to their world because of Kevin which shocks them before they learn Michael intends to invade and conquer their world.

During Unfinished Business, Kevin who was placed in the dungeon by Michael was liberated by the human resistance. He is accused of betraying his people but he explains he had no choice as he states there must of have been a reason he was selected as a prophet.

Being promised entry into heaven by Michael to see his mother, Kevin reveals to Jack and Mary Winchester that he was told to kill them in front of Jack so that Michael can taunt Jack with his loss of those he protects. Despite Mary trying to talk him out of it, Kevin activates a sigil carved into his chest to commit suicide, producing an explosion that results in the death of numerous rebels under Jack's protection alongside Kevin.

Jack managed to protect Mary from the explosion but Kevin's actions leave them horrified. Kevin himself was consumed in the explosion he created, leaving no body behind.


This version of Kevin Tran has accepted his duty as the prophet of the Lord and has given his services to the closest being to God he can find, which in his world is Michael.

Kevin did not experience the same stressful and emotionally taxing life as his counterpart, and appears rather happy with experimenting and casting spells. This was seen when he was excited at successfully creating a spell that formed a rift to another world, though he was shocked to hear that another version of himself was dead.

However, after Michael imprisoned him and promised him entry into Heaven if he acted as a suicide bomb, Kevin complied. As he prepared to kill himself, Kevin revealed that he was troubled like his counterpart after witnessing the deaths of his family and friends. Kevin was not bothered by the fact that he'd only experience memories if he went to Heaven, showing how unhinged he became and how desperate he was to see his mother again. However, Kevin did not really want to hurt anyone as he tearfully apologized to the human resistance before he committed suicide.

He also has a rather black and white view of the world since he immediately sees Lucifer as a "monster" simply for being Satan.

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