Kevin Parks was a human living in an alternate earth, where he was the first assistant director of a television series called Supernatural, which narrated the life of Sam and Dean Winchester, but only as a narrative fiction.


Kevin, explains to Bob Singer their options concerning the window scene that Sam and Dean ruined by suddenly appearing in their alternate reality. Because of static, they will either have to reshoot the scene, which will take 95 minutes to set up, or they can use a freeze frame and fade to black just before the actors hit the window. To make up the time required to reshoot the scene, he says they'd have to "blow off the scene where they sit on the Impala and talk about their feelings." Bob, afraid of what the fans will say, decides to go with the freeze frame.

After Sam and Dean's altercation with Virgil, Kevin is on a conference call with Sera Gamble, Bob Singer, and Jim Michaels to discuss the situation. Later, when Virgil appears on the set and kills both Eric Kripke and Bob, Kevin hears the shots fired. He remarks to Lou Bollo that he didn't think they had gunfire scheduled that day just before Virgil enters the scene and shoots him in the back.



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