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These three unnamed men served as an assault team for Arthur Ketch.


In There's Something About Mary, Sam and Dean Winchester return to the Men of Letters bunker with a captured Lady Toni Bevell only to find Arthur Ketch waiting for them with an assault team. One member of the team stands with Arthur across the room while one each is in a doorway on either side of the Winchesters, putting them in perfect flanking position.

As Toni goes to disarm Sam on Arthur's orders, Sam pulls her to him and shoots the team member on his side of the room in the neck while their guards are down due to the Winchesters' apparent compliance. Before the guard on his side can react, Dean swings his gun behind his body and shoots the operative dead.

From opposite corners of the room, the Winchesters exchange fire with Arthur and the surviving team member, Sam pinning Toni to a wall. As the gunfight continues, Arthur signals the last team member to flank Sam through the bunker hallways. Seeing this, Sam signals Dean to go after him while Sam continues to exchange fire with Arthur. Making his way through the hallways, Dean finds the final team member and shoots him dead before the man can react.