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Kendricks Academy is a London-based educational institution that teaches and disciplines children into becoming the perfect staff for the British Men of Letters.


Outside view of Kendricks Academy

Kendricks is the largest collection of occult lore in the world. Students are expected to abide by the code, to kill any member who disobeys direct orders and whose beliefs do not fit in with what the organization has established.

Students are sometimes tested by having one kill their friend in cold blood. This is a test of loyalty and obedience. Children who graduate will join the ranks of the organization. Those with high scores tend to earn greater trust from their superiors. According to Ketch, those who make it through education are considered "survivors", hinting at the brutal ways the school teaches its students. On another occasion, a former student was described as having slaughtered her competition at the school, "sometimes literally", indicating that the students sometimes kill each other just to get ahead.

Known Staff[]

Known students[]

  • Mick Davies (deceased) - Mick was an orphan who caught the attention of the British Men of Letters. When tested to see if he would obey the code, Mick passed by killing his best friend Timothy. In 2017, Mick finally rejected the code and was subsequently killed by Arthur on Hess' orders.
  • Arthur Ketch (deceased) - Arthur was a classmate of Mick and together they survived through school. Arthur went on to become the British Men of Letters assassin whose task was to clean up "loose ends". Killed by Mary Winchester in 2017 but resurrected and severed ties with the British Men of Letters to become a mercenary hunter.
  • Timothy (deceased) - Mick's best friend whom he was forced to kill to prove his loyalty to the code.
  • Renny Rawlings (deceased) - A star student who went on to become Hess' lackey. In 2017, he was given the task of keeping an eye on Mick, but was shot in the heart by Eileen Leahy with the Colt. His death was an accident and Mick's unwillingness to kill Eileen in retaliation led to his own death as well.
  • Lady Toni Bevell (deceased) - Went with Arthur and Mick and was noted to have slaughtered her competition at the school, "sometimes literally". Became an agent for the British Men of Letters and a proficient torturer and brainwasher. Murdered by Arthur Ketch in 2017.



  • The Kendricks Academy derives some of its inspiration from Hogwarts, a school featured in the Harry Potter series that is designed to teach and train students born with magical powers so they can fit in with society and not expose witchcraft to non-witches.
    • The Kendricks Academy uniform also bears a resemblance to the uniform worn by the students of Hogwarts: Both consist of a black cloak that bears a crest on the front right side.
  • The Kendricks Academy motto is in Latin, which reads: "Vis unita fortior", which roughly translates to "united strength is stronger". This is also the motto for the city of Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, UK.
  • In reality, a real Kendricks Academy exists. This is a selective girls' grammar school situated in the centre of Reading, Berkshire, UK. In February 2011, Kendrick changed from a school to an Academy.