This cabin is a remote house used by Kelly Kline to give birth to her son, Jack.


Located in North Cove, Washington, the cabin was situated near a forest and the ocean. At five months pregnant (the maximum duration for a Nephilim pregnancy), Kelly was taken to this cabin by Castiel, her protector. Castiel rented it under the name of Jimmy Novak, his vessel.

Castiel drove to the location using his truck. Soon after arrival, the two began decorating a room fit for a newborn baby. They purchased a crib and dozens of diapers. Kelly also painted one of the walls featuring her unborn son's name, "Jack".

When Kelly began experiencing signs of her baby coming, she laid in bed awaiting her inevitable death (birthing a Nephilim was fatal to the mother). Castiel intended to stay by her side, but became sidetracked by the appearance of a rift to an alternate universe, as well as the arrival of Lucifer, the father of Kelly's son.

The cabin was visited by Sam, Dean, and Mary Winchester. The latter chose to stay with Kelly during the birthing while Sam and Dean helped Castiel intercept Lucifer. Crowley soon joined the fight, and as the four battled it out inside the alternate universe, Mary helped Kelly deliver her son. Jack was born in a burst of bright light, and soon grew into adulthood as he made his way up to his nursery on the second floor.

Mary helped to trap Lucifer in the alternate universe which Crowley sealed, but at the cost of getting trapped there herself. Sam went to check on Jack. He found Kelly dead on her bed with Jack hiding in the corner of his nursery. When Dean tried to shoot Jack, Jack knocked the brothers unconscious and fled.

Sam and Dean pursued Jack and managed to retrieve him by nightfall. The three decided to cremate the two bodies present at the cabin - Castiel and Kelly Kline - by performing a hunter's funeral.




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