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These two unnamed angels attempted to assassinate Kelly Kline.


Nearly three months after Lucifer's child was conceived, these two angels decided to go after the child's mother, Kelly Kline, and assassinate her along with her unborn son.

One of them possessed a waitress named Sara Deshenski and took Kelly's order. She commented on Kelly's pregnancy and spoke fondly of Kelly's oncoming experience as a mother. The angel then walked away with her eyes glowing.

Later that day, Kelly was followed by the second angel near a dark alley. The two angels surrounded her and armed themselves with angel blades. Before they could lay a hand on Kelly however, Prince of Hell Dagon arrived and killed them both, thus saving Kelly and the child.

After reading about the deaths of the two angels in the Daily World News, Castiel investigates and realizes from video footage of the incident that they were after Kelly and killed by Dagon.

Powers and Abilities[]

As low-tier angels, Kelly's attackers possessed standard angelic abilities.


These angels had standard angelic weaknesses.