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This article is about a character appearing in the animated series, which is not canon. You may be looking for the live-action series counterpart, if any.

Katty is a character from Supernatural: The Animation.


Katty was an employee at the casino, or at least pretended to be. She longed for an early retirement and thus decided to secretly team up with a group of robbers. These robbers eventually broke into the casino. Katty ran to the vault along with another employee and demanded for his key card. The employee refused, and threw her off of him before calling security.

A blonde man took Katty hostage by roughly holding her at gun point. His masked followers gathered outside the vault while he demanded the employee to surrender the key card, though the employee refused. Dean spotted Katty from above and, out of genuine concern, dropped down on top of the blonde man in an attempt to save her.

It is then that Katty revealed her alliance with the blonde man, Adolf, and with a gun pointed at Dean, she ordered him to release her associate or have his brains blown out. Sam, who is also above them, dropped down on top of Katty. A gunshot fired by one of the masked men startleed Dean and the cursed coin flies up into the air.

Dean knocked the coin away from him desperately, and Sam caught it, before forcing it down Katty's throat. This caused the curse of the poverty spirit to be passed on, and bad luck struck Katty in the form of a SWAT team surrounding her and her allies. It's likely that she ended up dying in prision due to the curse.