Kate Fox was one of Lily Dale's residents in the past, and was a true psychic.


Season 7Edit

Upon seeing her sister being used to kill, Kate went to warn the victims by giving them visions of their death. But this did not stop her sister Margaret from killing them. Then Sam and Dean begin to dig up her grave, and she knocks Sam over. Kate yells at the brothers for what they're doing and asks them to stop. Not listening, Dean attempts to burn her bones, but his lighter stalls. As she charges him, Sam lights her up and Kate is sent to the other side. Eventually Sam and Dean realize that they destroyed the wrong ghost and that Kate was just trying to warn people. With Kate gone, the victims no longer got warnings, but Sam and Dean were able to figure out who the next victim was and defend her until they could destroy Margaret.[1]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

In life, Kate was a powerful psychic and retained some of these abilities as a ghost, making her a fairly powerful ghost.

  • Telekinesis - As a psychic, Kate was noted to be able to levitate objects with her mind.
  • Precognition - As a psychic, Kate was able to predict people's deaths. She retained this ability as a ghost, predicting the murders committed by her sister.
  • Invisibility - As a ghost, Kate was naturally invisible though she could become visible if she so wished.
  • Mental Manipulation - By touching people's heads, Kate's ghost could implant her visions of their deaths into their minds.
  • Electromagnetic Interference - Kate visiting Camille Thibodeaux and planting a vision of Camille's death into her mind caused interference in the security camera recording of the encounter.
  • Super Strength - Kate was able to send Sam Winchester flying across a grave with just a shove.
  • Super Speed - As Sam went to burn her bones, Kate raced towards Dean at an incredible rate of speed. On the security video of Kate warning Camille, she also raced across the room at incredible speed.



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