Kate is a vampire, and the mate of Luther.


Kate was responsible for the murder of Daniel Elkins, and the theft of the Colt.

She is later captured by the Winchesters and is to be traded to Luther for the Colt. She manages to break free only to see her mate, Luther, shot and killed. She escapes with another female vampire whom she had earlier turned. They are the only survivors as the rest of the vampires are taken out by Sam and Dean Winchester.

Personality Edit

Like many vampires, Kate is ruthless and relentless, evidenced by her vicious pursuit of Daniel Elkins. She is also sadistic and quite arrogant, enjoying the sight of Elkins being killed and mocking him for using what she thought was a mere gun to try and kill her and her nest, stating that as an experienced hunter, he should know better. She displayed much loyalty to her nest and was completely devoted to her mate Luther. Kate frequently engaged in physical activity with him and was absolutely devastated when he was killed; wanting to avenge him right then and there, but being forced to flee with her last nest member due to the rest of her nest being killed. Despite her love for Luther and disdain for humans, Kate was openly flirtatious with Dean, as after she overpowered him, she physically forced him to kiss her and clearly enjoyed the endeavor.


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