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Karrion was a god of death created during the Apotheosis in Corinth, Illinois.


During the Apotheosis, Karrion was one of the gods created by Mythmaker Renee Mendez. Karrion gathered his followers from the elderly, some of whom appeared to have escaped from one facility or another. In exchange for keeping death at bay for his followers, Karrion demanded that they bring him young sacrifices to feast upon. He set up his "temple" in a large alleyway, residing in a dumpster while his followers positioned themselves around it.

In an attempt to learn about the new gods fighting in Corinth, hunters Sam and Dean Winchester agreed to allow Karrion's follower Molly to lead them to her god to be Bound to Karrion. Once the Winchesters were in the alleyway, Karrion's followers blocked off their escape and announced their intention to feed the two hunters to their god.

Karrion emerged from his dumpster and advanced on the Winchesters. Though Dean doubted it would do anything, he shot Karrion three times in the chest, but the god kept coming. Dean ordered Sam to keep Karrion busy and Sam opened fire on Karrion, causing the god to turn on him. Lumbering towards Sam, Karrion swung his machete towards the hunter, but Sam managed to dodge the blow. As Karrion was distracted with Sam, Dean ran behind him and sliced the hamstring muscles of Karrion's left leg with his knife, rendering the leg useless and bringing Karrion to his knees. Though Karrion swung his machete at the Winchesters, they were easily able to avoid his swings and Sam shot him in the right kneecap to keep Karrion down.

With Karrion disabled, Dean attempted to question him about what the gods were up to in Corinth, but Karrion either couldn't or wouldn't respond to him, able to growl at the Winchesters, but possibly lacking the ability to speak. As the hunters attempted to get information out of Karrion, his worshippers began praying to Karrion to arise and kill which allowed Karrion to feed on their strength and begin to heal his injuries. Karrion was quickly able to stand up with his left leg stiff, but able to hold his weight.

Before Karrion and the Winchesters could resume fighting, Armament entered the alleyway and blasted Karrion in the head with his shotgun, disintegrating half of Karrion's head into bone fragments, red mist and gobbets of flesh. The attack drove Karrion to one knee with blood pouring from his ravaged head and Armament began approaching Karrion, ordering the Winchesters to stay out of his way.

Drawing on the life force of his worshippers, Karrion quickly worked to heal his injuries and boost his own abilities to fight Armament. As Armament fired at him again, Karrion boosted his speed and dodged the shot. As a result of the energy he drained from them to pull the move off, two of Karrion's worshippers collapsed, unconscious or dead. As Armament tried to track him to fire again, Karrion rushed at the other god so fast he appeared to move as a blur and sliced Armament across the right bicep with his machete, rendering the other god's right arm useless. As another of his worshippers collapsed, Karrion rushed behind Armament and sliced him across the back.

As Karrion tried for a third strike upon Armament with his machete, Armament spun around and slammed the four barrels of his shotgun into Karrion's side with enough force to snap Karrion's ribs like kindling with the blow. Karrion was able to stagger-step to the side to avoid being knocked to the ground, but dropped his machete in the process. Seeing this, Armament dropped his shotgun and instead armed himself with the machete as Karrion recovered and rushed at Armament with his fingers curled into claws, apparently intending to tear the other god apart with his bare hands.

As Karrion rushed him, Armament stepped forward to meet his charge and rammed Karrion's machete through Karrion's chest. Though Karrion attempted to pull the blade from his body, Armament proved to be too strong for him even one-handed and Karrion could not dislodge Armament and the machete. Finally, Karrion's body began jerking as if all of his nerves were firing at once before he finally died and Armament threw Karrion's body, still impaled with his machete, to the ground. Moments later, Karrion's body and his machete turned into a sphere of white energy that entered Armament, giving Armament Karrion's power.

Following the deaths of both Karrion and Armament, their followers departed the alley, either to go home or to find new gods to bind themselves to.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Karrion had the form of a massive man who was close to seven feet tall. His hands were almost twice the size of a normal human's and were covered with leather gloves. He had broad shoulders, a barrel chest and arms and legs as thick as tree trunks. Karrion wore a pair of long-sleeve coveralls and work boots and was armed with a giant machete. Half of Karrion's face was covered with scar tissure as if he had been horribly burned at some point while the other half had no flesh at all and was nothing but white bone with an empty eye socket and grinning teeth. Karrion was mostly bald with patches of wiry black hair that stuck out from his head like weeds. His one eye showed nothing remotely human, no thought, no emotion, only emptiness as cold and endless as space itself.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Karrion was a mildly powerful god.

  • Life Force Draining - Karrion could drain life force from his worshippers to give himself a power boost.
    • Super Speed - After draining energy from his worshippers, Karrion was able to increase his speed from a slow and determined gait to being so fast that he appeared as a blur.
  • Power Granting - Karrion was able to grant his worshippers a hypnotic power to make other people listen to them in order to help draw in more followers. Karrion also granted his followers a vitality that kept the effects of their advanced age at bay in return for them bringing him young sacrifices to feast upon.
  • Super Strength - As a god, Karrion possessed strength greater than that of a normal human which could be further augmented by energy drawn from his worshippers.
  • Invulnerability - As a god, Karrion was invulnerable to most forms of harm. While he could suffer somewhat debilitating injures from mortal weapons, he could quickly recover. A shotgun blast to the head from his fellow god Armament caused him harm, but couldn't kill him.
  • Regeneration - Karrion was able to heal his injuries, augmented by his worshippers sending him their energy through prayer.


  • Stronger Deities - Even with his abilities enhanced by energy taken from his worshippers, Karrion was no match for Armament in a fight. When trying to pull his own machete out of his body, Karrion could not overpower Armament despite Armament only having the use of one arm.
  • Divine Weapons - As a god, he could only be truly harmed by divine weapons.
    • Armament's shotgun - Blasts and blows from Armament's shotgun was capable of causing serious injury to Karrion.
    • His Own Machete - Karrion could only be killed by his own machete.



  • Karrion's appearance was compared to many slasher movie villains such as Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees.
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