Kaia Nieves was a dreamwalker orphaned as a result of a supernatural tragedy.



Kaia lost her family at a young age. By the time she reached adulthood, she was on her own, completely disconnected from her roots, as she tried to understand a burgeoning gift: In her dreams, Kaia walks between worlds — a rare and terrifying power she experiences only as a curse… a power she doesn’t understand and can’t yet control. Flinty, sarcastic, and profoundly haunted, Kaia is nevertheless strong and willful as hell — she’s had to be to survive this long on her own.

Season 13

Kaia was seen in the drug treatment facility and was arguing with the doctor who told her to open up to the other clients. She defended her addiction and walked out and she met Jack who claims to be cocaine addict, much to her confusion. Jack eventually admits that he needs Kaia's help and offers to help Kaia escape in exchange. Subduing a doctor, Jack is able to help Kaia escape through a triple-locked door. However, Kaia refuses to help Jack and runs off after hitting him while he was distracted by the Winchesters catching up to him.

Free again, Kaia wandered the streets and accepted a ride from a man and woman (two angels) who offered her help. Upon getting in, she was knocked out by the woman as they drove off.

While being held captive, Kaia asked why they took her and learned that she was to be bait for Jack who was the son of Lucifer. Kaia was very surprised by this news though she doubted he would come for her. Dean and Sam soon barge in along with Jack and Kaia was left in awe at his powers as he subdued one of her abductors. After this, she is very surprised to learn that Dean and Sam hunt monsters and that her kidnappers were angels. She attempted to walk away from the unbelievable things she heard. Jack tried to stop her but failed. Dean then held her at gunpoint and ordered her into the car.

Along the drive, Kaia was annoyed by her situation and ignored Jack's attempts to apologize and understand her situation. Jack offered to show her other worlds besides the horrible ones she has seen and she accepts. She was greatly amazed by the beauty of the other worlds as Jack says she could see more if she helps which she agrees to. While the angels use their powers to try and destroy the warding spells, Kaia attempts to concentrate on the world Mary Winchester is held in, but she keeps flashing back to the Bad Place that has haunted Kaia all of her life.

Kaia inadvertently sends herself, Jack, Dean and Sam to different places. The glow she and Jack emit as they open the portal together causes the nearby angels to disintegrate into dust. While Kaia is left unconscious on the side of the road, Jack is transported to Mary while Kaia's flashing to the Bad Place results in the Winchesters being sent there instead.

Powers and Abilities

Kaia was a very powerful dreamwalker.

  • Dream Walking - While in a state of dreaming, Kaia could see into other worlds. She was mainly focused on the world she called The Bad Place but could change the worlds she looked into. Unlike other dreamwalkers, Kaia's visions of the Bad Place left her with physical scars.
  • Molecular Combustion (combined with Jack) - While combining powers with Jack to open a rift into an alternate reality, Kaia's screams caused her and Jack to emit a yellow glow that disintegrated six nearby angels.
  • Reality Warping (combined with Jack) - While combining powers with Jack, the two displaced themselves and the Winchesters. Due to Kaia flashing between the Bad Place and the alternate reality, Jack ended up in the alternate reality, the Winchesters in the Bad Place and Kaia on the side of the road.



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