These two unnamed angels briefly abducted Kaia Nieves.


In an attempt to capture Jack, these two angels pose as an ordinary man and woman and trick Kaia Nieves, a woman being pursued by Jack, into their car. Once Kaia gets inside, the female angel knocks her out and the angels drive off to another location.

They hold Kaia hostage. When Kaia asks why they abducted her, the angels explain their intention to use her as bait to lure Jack to them, whom they reveal is also the son of Lucifer. Kaia doubts Jack will actually come since she had run away from him earlier.

Jack does come as expected, along with Sam and Dean Winchester, much to Kaia's surprise. Dean takes the male angel hostage while the female angel begs Jack to come with her and be among his own kind. Jack insists that he already is home and a fight ensues.

Jack uses telekinesis to send the female angel flying out the window. Meanwhile, the male angel attacks Dean and nearly kills him but Jack intervenes by using telekinesis to force the angel to kill himself with his own angel blade.

Dean goes to check outside the warehouse to finish off the female angel but discover she has fled. Sam, Dean and Jack take Kaia to a ship. Once the other three are inside, Dean waits for the female angel who has brought backup. Seeing the other angels causes Dean to run back inside.

Sam and Dean ward off the ship using sigils but the six angels outside begin disabling these sigils using shockwaves thrust into the ground, causing the boat to shake violently. Kaia decides to take Team Free Will to an alternate reality by using Jack's power as an amplifier. The experience causes Kaia to let out a devastating scream that kills all six angels outside, reducing them to dust.

Powers and Abilities

These two angels possessed the common abilities of angels.

  • Angelic Possession - These two angels required a vessel while on Earth as well as the vessel's consent.
  • Super Strength - The male angel easily overpowered Dean and would have killed him if Jack hadn't intervened.
  • Torture - They tortured Derek Swan for information on Jack and were successful in getting Derek to confess.


    • Angel Blades - The male angel was killed by being forced to stab himself with his own blade.
  • Angel Ward - Angel wards are enochian-based symbols that prevent the entry of an angel from a certain location.
  • Nephilim - The female angel and five others were incernated by Jack's power combined with Kaia's.


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