Justin Smith is assumed identity created by Chip Harrington, that previously assigned by different two person, an unnamed family man from Houston and eventually, Sam.


As part of his happiness scenario, Chip claimed that he created new identity and new life to each of his victims. Among of the characters, one of them is "Justin Smith" the ideal family man.

The first Justin Smith is an unnamed passerby from Houston. At some time, he ended up in Charming Acres and fell into Chip's mind control. Here, he was assigned as "Justin Smith", who has a wife called "Cindy Smith". One day, Sam and Castiel came to the town and met Justin and Cindy walking. Sam and Castiel asked about the recent suspected murder where Conrad died to them. He gave them to pay visit to Harrington's milkshake house. He asked to Sam about what is the item that he held. Sam explained it was cell phone, leaving him confused, but unknowingly triggering glimpses of the man's memory.

In their home, Cindy prepared from dinner. The man kept repeating the word cellphone as he looked around the house for a cell phone. As the loophole widen from cell phone, he realized that his cell phone was gift to him from his daughter Rose in Houston. Suddenly, the mind control broken and the man was himself again. He realized that the house is not his house and Cindy is not his wife. The realization ignited predetermination means inside his head, swelling his head. Panicking and desperate to ask for help, he ran from the house. His head exploded along the way, as Cindy witnessed the explosion and was strangely confused.

Peace of Mind 12

Sam as the new Justin Smith.

Sam later fell into Chip's mind control, later assigned as second Justin Smith. Castiel tried to convinced him, but Sam gently forced him out from the house.

When Castiel demanded an explanation to Sunny asked about the truth behind the strange occurrences in the town. Sunny initially refused to help but after Castiel threatened to strip the truth away from her mind, Sunny was forced to tell that it was her father that losing the control. Chip came to the scene with Sam (now "Justin") and others, before Sunny can reveal more.

Chip later revealed his motivation to Castiel. After revealing enough information, Chip commanded his men to attack Castiel. Castiel defeated them all, except Sam, who was able to retrieve his angel blade and ready to kill him.

Castiel later realized that Sam actually lack of happiness and suffered due to recent loss of his armies, which explained why he was vulnerable against Chip powers, enabling to be controlled. Castiel reminded him about himself, his armies, Jack, and Dean and begged him to fight Chip influence. Castiel encouragements proved effective to broke the mind control, and "Justin Smith" was no more assumed by Sam.

In aftermath, Castiel informed Dean about Sam time as "Justin Smith", where he wear cardigan and had temporary wife. Sam later exclaimed that all of these is not real and just an illusion.


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