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Juliet Monroe is a ranch owner who appeared in Supernatural: Witch's Canyon.


At some point, Juliet married a man named Ross who had a dream of owning his own ranch. To allow him to fulfill this dream, Juliet gave up a middle management job at an industrial firm in Chicago. While the job had paid well, it had also promoted her out of the job she'd really joined the firm for and she no longer enjoyed it so giving up the job wasn't hard for her. Ross and Juliet bought a ranch in Cedar Wells, Arizona near the Grand Canyon. Unknown to them both, the ranch was built at the end of what was known as Witch's Canyon and had the grave of evil witch Elizabeth Claire Marbrough located on it. While living on the ranch, Juliet eventually started having a dream of creating farm-fresh meals for people that could be flash-frozen or delivered fresh and then quickly reheated in the microwave. However, in 2004 Ross died which was hard on Juliet who was forced to manage the ranch on her own and she began looking into selling it. While reminiscing on Ross' birthday at their spot on the rim of the Grand Canyon, Juliet briefly met hunters Sam and Dean Winchester. Juliet briefly flirted with Dean and directed them to the Trail's End Motel for a place to stay and explained about her desire to return to city life.

The next day, Juliet's ranch hand Stu Hansen informs her that he has discovered that something has brutally slaughtered six of her cows. Juliet is horrified by the news, especially that Stu has no idea what killed their cows so horribly. Juliet decides to leave what's left to the scavengers as there's not much else they can do and briefly wonders if the Winchesters were responsible. Deciding to take extra precautions, Juliet locks the house up tighter and sees the event as just another reason to move back to the city.

At around 4:00pm as Juliet is preparing dinner, Stu arrives to tell her that even more of the cows have been butchered and they need to call the sheriff about it. Stu tells Juliet that it's a what not a who killing the cows and whatever it is it is plain mean as the cows were torn apart and not eaten making their death effectively murder. Juliet then tries to call Sheriff Beckett only to find none of the phones in the house working. While Juliet suspects a storm, Stu tells her that it's whatever is butchering the cows which caused him to feel like walking through a soup of pure evil when he was moving Juliet's stock. Without a gun or a phone, Juliet and Stu decide to drive into town to get help from the sheriff that way. However, they find that something has completely disabled both Stu's truck and Juliet's Pathfinder and Juliet realizes that Stu is right that they are dealing with something pure evil.

As Juliet and Stu debate Stu walking six miles to the nearest neighbor's house to get help, they both hear something on the roof of the carport and Stu orders Juliet to get inside the house and lock the door no matter what she hears. Juliet is able to safely get inside, but Stu hesitates for a moment due to Juliet lying in the doorway and is dragged off, yelling at Juliet to lock the door. Juliet complies and watches in horror as Stu battles with a huge wolf, unable to help him without an adequate weapon of some sort. Juliet sees the wolf rip Stu apart and then look right at her, causing Juliet to realize that Stu and the cattle aren't enough for it, that it wants her too. Following Stu's death, Juliet locks down the house completely and once again tries to call for help to no avail. Recognizing that she can't try to flee without the wolf getting to her, Juliet takes stock of her situation and supplies and decides to wait until the mailman or a UPS driver comes, get them to come right up to the door, flee in their vehicle and never come back. Juliet is also bolstered by the fact that wolves are nocturnal so she'd have a better chance when someone did arrive of getting away, but is still left extremely terrified even after forming a plan.

The next morning, Juliet wakes up and finds no sign of the wolf and Stu's body where it had lain the night before after he was killed. Juliet is also unable to see any sign of the wolf's tracks and makes herself some tea, during which time she notes that the outside world in unnaturally silent without even birdsong. Juliet decides to go outside and check for the wolf and sees no apparent sign of it. Believing the wolf to be long gone, Juliet decides to have breakfast and then go to her neighbor's house to use their phone to call the sheriff for help. However, after a brief moment of nausea and dizziness, Juliet discovers the wolf waiting for her on the wolf and barely races back inside in time, realizing that if she goes outside, the wolf will kill her and there is no apparent escape from it.

As Juliet makes breakfast, the power suddenly goes out and she realizes that the wolf is somehow responsible, confirmed by the fact that she finds that none of the switches in her breaker have been tripped. Juliet theorizes that the wolf bit through the cable at the pole and likely electrocuted itself to death and checks on her theory through the window of the spare bedroom. Juliet discovers that the power line has been severed but is not sparking, meaning the wolf had somehow managed to sever the electricity going to it as well. As Juliet goes to leave the window, she spots a vehicle coming and recognizes it as that of her relator, Howard Patrick. While she is at first relieved, believing that she can make it to Howard's Jeep and escape, she spots the wolf watching Howard from the tall grass just beyond her fence. As Howard stops his Jeep, Juliet attempts to get his attention and get him to drive right up to her door. Juliet manages to get Howard's attention, but he spots Stu's body and leaves his Jeep to investigate, allowing the wolf to reach and kill him. As Juliet watches on in horror, the wolf looks directly at her and she realizes that it knows exactly where she is.

Following Howard's death, Juliet begins considering a plan to make a run for his Jeep and attempt to escape when the wolf is far enough away. As Juliet makes a circuit of the house's windows, she spots Howard getting up and initially believes he isn't dead after all only to spot two Howards: the standing one and the dead one. Juliet briefly considers committing suicide after feeling no emotion towards Howard's mysterious revival, but changes her mind when she sees Stu get resurrected as well and comes to the understanding that the wolf now has reinforcements. Growing cold, Juliet checks and discovers that her house no longer has heat as well as power and the only way to restore the heat would be to go outside and turn the emergency generator on. Juliet decides to live upstairs where she can keep a better eye on the three and they will have less of a view of her and gathers matches, a flashlight and a portable radio she puts batteries into. As Juliet starts to go upstairs, she hears a noise and discovers that Stu and Howard are attempting to open the front door. Juliet flees into her bedroom and locks herself in, getting a sense of safety before her living room window is shattered.

Not hearing any noise being made, Juliet realizes that what has entered her house is likely the wolf rather than Stu or Howard and decides to fight back rather than just give up and die. For weapons, Juliet makes a makeshift Molotov cocktail out of a bag of nail polish and cotton balls, a shower curtain and curtain rod and her wrought iron bedroom curtain rod. As Juliet prepares, she spots Dean and Harmon Baird approaching armed with guns and lets out a scream to draw their attention. The three spirits, having reached the upper floor, begin working on breaking into her bedroom. Finally, the wolf claws a hole in the door through which Stu reaches in and unlocks it. The wolf enters Juliet's bedroom and confronts her leading to Juliet hitting the wolf with her makeshift Molotov cocktail and smoothering the wolf in hopes of confusing the wolf and holding the bulk of the fiery cotton against its shoulder to cause it more pain. Juliet succeeds in both and then attempts to attack the wolf with her shower curtain rod, but the wolf grabs the rod and snaps it. Losing confidence in her weapons and herself, Juliet hits the wolf with the iron curtain rod and is shocked when the blow takes the wolf down, badly hurting but not killing it. At that point, Dean, having heard her screams, arrives and destroys Stu and Howard with rock salt shotgun blasts. Dean is stunned to see what Juliet did to the wolf and explains that magical creatures are vulnerable to iron and if she'd salted the wolf as well, she may have been able to destroy it. Dean then finishes the wolf with another blast from his shotgun and tells Juliet that they need to dig up her ground floor.

After Dean and Baird explain the Forty Year and how they are looking for the grave of Elizabeth Claire Marbrough, Juliet helps the men collect shovels from her barn and leads them to a patch of dead earth that Ross always called "the dead zone" where nothing ever grew. Seeing that the spot might be an appropriate distance from where Elizabeth's cabin had existed and that the lack of things growing was unnatural, Dean agrees that it could possibly be the witch's grave and the three set to work digging it up. As they dig, four Indian spirits attack them with arrows, wounding Baird in the thigh before Dean can dispatch them. Leaving Baird with instructions to keep pressure on his wound and his shotgun, Dean returns to digging with Juliet and speculates that the witch's spirit army is busy elsewhere. The two banter about the possibility of the witch relying on the wolf to defeat them and how it couldn't even defeat Juliet before they hit Elizabeth's coffin.

After uncovering the coffin, Dean pulls out John Winchester's Journal and informs Juliet that he is going to perform a counterspell to end the Forty Year and instructs her in how to perform a salt and burn when he instructs her to as part of the ritual. Dean starts the counterspell and on Dean's command, Juliet opens the coffin which releases Elizabeth's ghost. As Elizabeth goes after him, Dean continues the counterspell and signals Juliet to pour salt upon Elizabeth's bones. However, Juliet is too afraid to go near Elizabeth and pour the salt on her bones, halting the counterspell. As she continues to hesitate, Baird shoots Elizabeth with Dean's shotgun and draws Elizabeth's ire upon himself. Dean calls out to Juliet again who snaps out of it and pours a bag of salt given to her by Dean on Elizabeth's bones. As Dean continues the counterspell, he signals Juliet to pour a flask of gasoline upon Elizabeth's bones and Juliet then attempts to light a match. Juliet drops the matches when the wind blows the one she lit out, but as Baird restrains Elizabeth's ghost, she manages to catch one and ignite it. Dean finishes the counterspell and Juliet drops the match upon Elizabeth's bones. While at first it appears the salt and burn failed, Elizabeth's spirit is destroyed and the salt and burn and counterspell break Elizabeth's spell and end the Forty Year, saving the lives of hundreds of people at Canyon Regional Mall. After its over, Juliet and Dean discover that Baird has died of the strain of restraining Elizabeth from attacking them and Dean tells Juliet that if he hadn't, Elizabeth would've been able to stop them and her ghost would've been free of her coffin. Dean and Juliet then rebury Elizabeth's coffin and contact Sam to come pick them up.

Not wanting to stay at her house any longer, Juliet returns to Cedar Wells with Dean, but Dean chooses not to pursue a one-night stand with her. The next morning, Juliet attends breakfast with the Winchesters and Sheriff Jim Beckett where Dean hails Juliet and Baird as the heroes while downplaying his own role. Juliet tells the group that after fighting for her ranch, she no longer intends to sell it and doesn't plan to be so isolated anymore. As the Winchesters depart, Juliet and Sheriff Beckett begin flirting.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Extreme Resourcefulness - When faced with the spirits of the Forty Year, Juliet showed herself to be extremely resourceful, keeping herself alive longer than any of the other targets of the spirits and effectively defeating the spirit wolf that attacked her.


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