Juliet is a hellhound owned by King of Hell Crowley.



Either before or after the death of his other hellhound, Crowley obtained Juliet and trained her to obey his command.

Season 9Edit

In King of the Damned, Juliet was present at St. Anthony's Cemetery where Crowley had hid the First Blade inside a corpse. He instructed Sam and Dean to retrieve the blade so they could kill Abaddon and secure Crowley's place on the throne of Hell.

Juliet chases after Sam and Dean S9

Juliet chases after Sam and Dean.

After Sam and Dean found the corpse, they were spotted by Juliet, who proceeded to chase after them. They ran past a gate and Sam closed it once they were on the other side. Juliet tried to force her way through, fighting against Sam while Dean contacted Crowley.

Dean complained to Crowley about the grave being guarded, but Crowley was under the impression he had already collected Juliet. With Sam losing the struggle, Dean placed Crowley on speaker and Crowley spoke directly to his hellhound. He addressed himself as "papa" and told the hellhound to "stand down" which she obediently did, leaving Sam and Dean alone.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Invisibility - Like most hellhounds, Juliet was invisible and Sam and Dean could only detect her by the sound of her growling and barking.
  • Super Strength - This hellhound was strong, as evident by her nearly winning the struggle against Sam as she tried to open the gates he was holding.
  • Invulnerability - Juliet cannot be killed by conventional means or weapons. However, weapons like Ruby's Knife, or an Angel blade, can kill her.


  • Crowley - Juliet was under Crowley's command and did whatever he told.



  • Juliet is the first named hellhound, and the first female hellhound to appear on the series, followed by Ramsey.
  • After Crowley's death, it is unknown what happened to Juliet.
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