Julie Watson was one of Callie Garrison's fairy tale creations along with her husband, Ken. Julie ended up surviving Callie's fairy tale creation, however Ken had not survived.

Julie and her husband, Ken end up lost in the woods when they find a small house. The old lady that lives in the small house kindly lets them in and even gives them pie. However, unknowing to Julie and Ken the old lady had drugged the pies. When Ken falls down on the floor due to the drugs' effects Julie attempts to help Ken but also falls down and has blurry vision and falls down as a result of he drugs in the pie. The old lad suddenly starts to stab Ken multiple times, killing Ken. Julie screams in horror as the old lady kills Ken.

Later, Sam and Dean Winchester investigate Ken's murder and Julie explains how she had noticed a woman in the window watching Ken being murdered. Sam and Dean realize that fairy tales were coming to life, Ken and Julie representing Hansel and Gretel. It is shown that Callie had the old lady spare Julie so that Julie would describe the killing like Kyle had so that she (Callie) would be put to rest.

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  • Ken and Julie end up in the roles as Hansel and Gretel when ironically enough Hansel makes an appearance in the Season 10 episode About a Boy.
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