Julie was a young college student.


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Julie and her friends fleeing the scene

Julie was seen in a car with Delilah and two of her friends. They were all on there phones. She took a photo of her and Delilah. She then said she looked old and deletes it. Her friend who was driving was also on his phone and started to swerve to the other side of the road. Another car was coming and it slammed into a telephone pole and caught fire. They both agreed to not call the cops and they fled the scene.


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Julie taking a selfie

Julie was a college student. Her roommate Delilah went to the library while she stayed in the room. She said that she does not need to study because she had a photographic memory. She used #Blessed. Her roommate said that she did not need to study because she was screwing the TA. She responds with #Slut. When her roommate left, she went to her desk and put a Kappa Delta hat on. She then took a photo of herself in a kissing face. She then put #greek4life under it. She posted it. Then, she got a random friend request. She asked them who they were, and the person said they were a friend.

Julie responded by asking the person "what's up". The person immediately called her a liar. She asked what she lied about. The person responded with the number 810. Julie jumped and quickly ended the chat, but it started right back up. She closed it and turned off her computer but it started back up again. Julie unplugged it but it opened up again and the number 810 showed up on the screen. Julie started to panic. She then noticed that she could see her own breath. She ran for the door but it closed on her and locked her in the room.
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Julie being strangled to death

She panicked even more and tried to open the door. She then heard a hissing noise behind. She then turned around slowly to see the electrical cord she unplugged was floating in mid air. She started screaming as it wrapped itself around her throat. Julie tried and grab and pull it off but the cord grew tighter and tighter.

Soon, Julie could neither scream nor breathe and ended up dead on the floor.


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