Julian Richings is a British actor who portrays the Horseman Death in the series Supernatural. He currently resides in Toronto, Canada.

He played Death in a short movie for a convention. The short was called "Dave vs. Death."

He has appeared on series like Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, Lost Girl, Orphan Black, and Heartland. In addition to appearing in films like X-Men: The Last Stand, Shoot 'Em Up, Stephen King's Bag of Bones, and Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief. Julian Richings also played Lor-Em in Man of Steel.

He is currently helping crowdfund for a new exciting film called, The Rainbow Kid.

The Rainbow Kid Interview with Julian Richings.


  • Julian Richings believes that Death's first words if he ever came back would be, "Boys, I'm a little ticked off."
  • When a fan asked why Death didn't mind doing favors for Dean, Julian replied, "He's cute." (SPNTOR)

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