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You think his friends just called him Yellow Eyes? He had a name.
This article is about a canonical individual whose real name is unknown, and is known only by a conjectural title, nickname or alias.

This unnamed demon possessed Julia Wright and conceived and gave birth to Jesse Turner, an immensely powerful human/demon hybrid known as a Cambion (or the Antichrist). This child was to help Lucifer destroy the Host of Heaven.


Pre-Season 5[]

The demon possessed Julia sometime in June 1997 and through means unknown, impregnated her with hellspawn. For the duration of the pregnancy the demon committed numerous acts of barbarism, all the while forcing Julia to watch during her lucid periods. This also had the unexpected consequence of Julia discovering the demon's vulnerability to salt. On March 29th 1998 the demon gave birth to the child and screamed in joy and agony, but the intense pain allowed Julia a moment of control over her body and despite the demon pounding against her skull, she was able to ingest a bag of salt and force the demon out of her body. The demon fled, leaving Julia to give the baby up for adoption.

Season 5[]

Julia's demon possessing a mailman

Twelve years later the demon learned of Jesse's location. Disguised as a mailman, it repossessed Julia and then went to fetch Jesse. It easily neutralized Sam and Dean and tried to convince Jesse to embrace his powers and join her. With some coaxing from Sam however, Jesse turned against the demon and commanded it to leave Julia. The demon was last seen in its smoke form, escaping up the chimney of Jesse's house.

Powers and Abilities[]

Despite being a black eyed demon, this demon was shown to be quite powerful and is the first to have conceived a Cambion.

  • Biokinesis - The demon was able to choke both Sam and Dean at the same time by clenching its fist.
  • Invulnerability - Standard Demon power.
  • Immortality - Standard Demon power.
  • Possession - The demon was able to take control over Julia Wright's body.
    • Supernatural Procreation - Through unknown means, this demon was able to impregnate its host (a human woman).
  • Telekinesis - The demon displayed impressive telekinetic abilities. It was able to pin Sam and Dean simultaneously to a wall with no visible concentration and throw Dean around the room with great force with a flick of its wrist. Even after Jesse restrained and silenced the demon with his powers, Dean remained pinned to a wall until the demon was exorcised from its host.


  • Salt - Julia Wright was able to force the demon out of her body by ingesting a handful of salt.
  • Jesse Turner - Jesse is able to verbally do anything to this demon. Jesse was able to immobilize, silence and exorcise the demon with verbal commands.
  • Demon-killing knife - This Knife could kill this demon.
  • Postpartum Stress - After giving birth to Jesse Turner, when the demon was weakened and tired due to the stress and pain of childbirth, this demon "passed out", his possession over Julia Wright was weakened and Julia could briefly control her body again and expel the demon by ingesting salt.



  • The original gender of this demon is not entirely clear. Some dialogue during the episode suggest it is actually male.
    • If this demon is male, it is safe to say that the demon is an incubus, which is in fact a real life demon that sexually attacks women. That is the only rational explanation for how he impregnated Julia Wright without being in a different vessel and having sex with her. Incubi as well as Succubi have never properly been introduced, however.
  • It is unknown how he was able to conceive a child while possessing Julia, how much of Julia's DNA was involved in the conception and why this demon specifically, was chosen to father the Antichrist.