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Julia Wright is the biological mother of Jesse Turner.



Julia was a virgin when she was possessed by a demon in July 1997 and became pregnant. Julia retained consciousness during much of the possession and remembers many of the horrible things the demon did using her body. However, she also gleaned the information that salt was a weakness of demons and, when the pain of labor was strong enough to drive the demon back, was able to perform an improvised exorcism on herself using road salt.

Julia thought about killing her child, suspecting that he might be evil, but instead gave him up for adoption.

Season 5[]

She lived alone for over eight years before being found by Sam and Dean who made her aware of her son's wellbeing. Julia thought them to be demons at first. After returning home the following evening she was attacked and possessed by the very demon that impregnated her with Jesse and was used by the demon to try and coerce the child into joining Lucifer's forces, only to be forcibly exorcised by the boy. Julia was returned to her home unharmed and the demon's fate is unknown, presumably sent to Hell.