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Jules is a hunter that's part of Sam Winchester's hunter network.


Season 14[]

In The Scar, as part of Sam's hunter network, Jules goes on a case in Wichita, Kansas featuring missing teenagers and dried-up husk bodies. Jules discovers that the culprit is a witch who took the girls hostage. By the time Jules finds her, only one girl, Lora is left alive. Jules is able to kill the witch with a witch-killing bullet supplied to her by Sam, but as soon as the witch, who Jules nicknames Broomhilda dies, Lora starts inexplicably aging, apparently under an aging spell cast upon her by the witch.

In an attempt to save Lora, Jules brings her to Men of Letters bunker where Castiel attempts to heal Lora without success. As the Winchesters leave to work on another case, Castiel stays behind to try to help Jules save Lora.

After moving Lora to the bunker's infirmary, Castiel and Jules begin attempting to put together a reversal spell from the White Magic Lexicon suggested by Rowena MacLeod. Jules is able to find the book with their conversation being overheard by Jack as he makes his way out of the bunker. Jules continues to read up on the spell as Castiel explains the situation to Jack, but appears somewhat surprised by parts of their conversation. As Jack sits with Lora, Jules goes over the ingredients and is disgusted to learn one is sheep's eye, but Castiel directs her where to look.

Once they have all of the ingredients, Castiel and Jules cast the reversal spell together. However, it has no effect on Lora who soon experiences trouble breathing and dies. Along with Jack and Castiel, Jules is devastated by their failure to save Lora's life. As the three mourn Lora's death, Jack suddenly asks to see the witch's body, confusing Castiel and Jules.

Pulling the witch's body out of a drawer in the morgue, Jack points out that the witch-killing bullet is still inside which Jules agrees with. Jack explains how the witch had told Lora and the other girls that they kept her young which Jack has realized is not a metaphor. Jack suggests that when Jules killed the witch, the magic kept working, sucking Lora's life force and trying to keep the witch young and alive but it couldn't work because the bullet was still inside of her body. The magic was forced to work harder and harder to try to save the witch, consuming more and more of Lora's life force. The reversal spell didn't work as Lora wasn't cursed, but the witch's amulet was. Believing that Lora's life force is in the amulet, Jack smashes it, releasing Lora's life force and resurrecting her to the shock and delight of Jules and Castiel.

Castiel later tells Jack that Jules is bringing Lora home to her mother after they succeeded in saving her.

In Lebanon, after killing Terry and getting his collection, Sam tells Dean that Castiel and Jack are on a hunt with Jules and some other hunters but they can help to catalogue the collection when they return.

In Jack in the Box, months later, after Mary Winchester's death, Jules is one of the hunters to attend her memorial service in the bunker. To everyone's shock, one of the group is killed by Bobby Singer with a hatchet thrown into his head. Bobby explains that it was actually a wraith from a nest he and Mary had hunted the last time they worked together, presumably at the memorial to gloat. Jules leaves soon afterwards after saying goodbye to Dean.

Season 15[]

In Raising Hell, Jules is one of the hunters who responds to Sam's call for help in Harlan, Kansas during the Ghostpocalypse. She lets Sam know that there is a problem when Francis Tumblety and two other ghosts try to use two possessed townspeople as bargaining chips.

In Despair, Jules is one of the hunters taking refuge in the silo with Sam. When everyone starts to vanish, Jules tries to make a run for it but is erased from existence as well.

In Inherit the Earth, after becoming the new God, Jack Kline reverses God's erasure of every living thing on Earth, resurrecting Jules.