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This article is about a subject that is from official sources but is not considered canon.

Jubal Beauchamp's Journal refers to a personal journal kept by Jubal Beauchamp.


During his time when trained as a priest, Jubal possessed a journal, where he note every teachings and sermons he had hear from lectures. It also contain notes and quotations as well annotations of Bible verses.

It still under his possession even he eventually twisted by demonic influences. Now changed, the writing contents also shifted into very malicious. Now it also contain demonic praying and information of recreating Judas's Noose.

After his death, Dr. Aristede Percy captured the journal and learned how to recreate Judas's Noose. Dr. Percy also located Jubal grave and replicate Jubal's work upon him and resurrected him by his powers.

Sometime in 1900s, the journal somehow changed ownership and passed to several unnamed collectors. Until in 2005, Tommy McClane bought it from an unnamed Lousiana collector.

It is unknown what happened with the journal, it presumably abandoned after Tommy McClane death, or perished in the town fire following the aftermath of Moa'ah incident.


It contents Jubal Beauchamp religious notes, teachings, and lectures. However, after being corrupted, the content shifted into darker in nature. It also contain demonic prayings and a manual on how to recreate Judas's Noose. Among other things, it also contain Coptic scribbles, which demonic in nature.


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