Joyce Bicklebee is a Leviathan who took on the identity of a Portland, Oregon real estate agent in order to buy up property for Dick Roman's enterprises. She is irritable and has eaten four assistants who displeased her, a fact she holds over her current assistant, George.

Season 7Edit

Joyce is responsible for acquiring a series of properties that the Leviathans intend to build on, but some of the existing owners are hesitant to sell. Impatient, Joyce kills Mrs. Freeman, the owner of Out with the Old antiques, signs the sale paperwork for her, and makes her death look like a car crash. Later, she kills another hold out, Mr. Marshall, and orders George to make it look like he died in a home fire.

When she sends George out to buy her a grande non-fat no-whip white mocha, one pump sugar-free, double-shot espresso, he spots Sam Winchester, and immediately reports the discovery to Joyce.
Joyce refuses to let George eat Sam, saving the honor for herself. She and George set a trap for both brothers using Scott Freeman as bait. They fight the brothers, but George helps Sam find Borax and then a sword, with which Sam Winchester decapitates Joyce. When asked why he helped them, George explains that he was tired of taking orders from Joyce and wanted to eat her.

Sam and Dean temporarily put Joyce's head in a safe with the cursed objects from the store, where it either stays there forever or got eaten by George as a more reliable method of disposing.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Joyce possessed the abilities of a Leviathan.

  • Possession - Joyce was able to forcibly possess a human without consent to walk the earth.
  • Powerful Jaws - As a Leviathan, Joyce possessed a set of large retractable jaws that enabled her to effortlessly eat humans.
  • Super Strength - Joyce was stronger than most demons, most angels and all humans.
  • Invulnerability - As a Leviathan, Joyce was invulnerable to most weapons and means of death.


  • Higher Leviathans - Joyce was subservient to higher Leviathans like Dick Roman.
  • Cannibalism - Joyce could be killed by being devoured by another Leviathan, such as when George wanted to eat her.
  • Borax - As a Leviathan, Joyce was vulnerable to, and could be harmed by Borax.
  • Decapitation - Joyce was neutralised by Sam Winchester through decapitation.


  • As later revealed, she was responsible for the death of Mr. Marshall's grandmother.


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