I'm rooting you boys! I wish I could do more to help you, I do, but... I just trim the hedges.
— Joshua to Sam and Dean
in Dark Side of the Moon

Joshua was an angel who resided in Heaven. He is the only angel that God communicated with after he left Heaven.[1][2] However, when talking to Sam and Dean, he corrects them and states that God usually does all the talking and he merely listens. After the conception of Lucifer's son, Joshua led angels to deal with the situation. He is eventually killed by the Prince of Hell Dagon.

History[edit | edit source]

Season 5[edit | edit source]

Joshua stops Zachariah from torturing the Winchester brothers.

Castiel tells the Winchester brothers that since they're in Heaven, they need to take advantage of this and speak with Joshua. Castiel continues saying that they can find Joshua in Heaven's Garden. After Dean and Sam are captured and are about to be tortured by Zachariah, Joshua intervenes. Joshua tells Zachariah that he needs to speak with the Winchesters and that he must insist on this. Zachariah tells Joshua that he doesn't get to insist anything, but he replies that the Boss does and that he's following his orders. Zachariah accuses him of lying, but he responds that he wouldn't lie about this adding that Zachariah can ignore him if he wants but eventually God will come back home and he knows how he is with that whole "wrath thing". Intimidated by the possibility of facing God's wrathful anger, Zachariah and the two other angels then teleport away, leaving the brothers with Joshua.

Joshua takes Dean and Sam to Heaven's Garden

Joshua transports himself and the brothers to Heaven's Garden. Both Dean and Sam are surprised by the Garden's appearance. Joshua explains that everyone sees the Garden as they want to see it, some see it as God's throne room, the Garden of Eden, and the Cleveland Botanical Gardens for them, which they visited on a field trip when they were children.

Sam asks if he is Joshua, which Joshua confirms. Sam then asks if he talks to God. Joshua specifies that God talks to him. The brothers tell him that they need to speak to him and ask where God is. Joshua tells them that God is on Earth, but he doesn't know where and why he is on Earth. Dean, confused since God is currently talking to no one else, asks Joshua why he is speaking to him. Joshua believes it's because God thinks he can sympathize since they are both gardeners and also because he believes that God gets lonely.

Sam tries to get Joshua to give God a message for them, but Joshua tells them God has a message for them, "Back off". Joshua goes on saying that God already knows what the brothers want to say to him, what the angels are doing, and that the Apocalypse has begun, but he feels that it's not his problem. When Dean questions how God could think that this isn't his problem, Joshua tells them that it was God who put them on the airplane when Lucifer was freed, resurrected Castiel, and gave them salvation in Heaven after all they've done, specifically what Sam's done. Joshua says God has not intervened to this degree for a long time, but now he's finished and that they won't be able to find him, even with Dean's amulet. He apologizes to the brothers, but Dean simply calls God "another dead-beat dad with a bunch of excuses" and that he'll make it through. Joshua then replies, "Except, you don't know if you can this time," and also informs them they won't be able to kill Lucifer. Sam then asks how do they know he's not lying to them. Joshua says he's rooting for them and that he wishes he could do something more.

Joshua then resurrects the brothers, but before he does he tells them that it won't be like their past trips into Heaven because God wants them to remember this experience.[3]

After speaking with the Winchesters, Joshua remained in Heaven. It is unknown if he participated in the Civil War between Castiel and Raphael, or the war between the factions that occurred in the following years.

Fall of the Angels[edit | edit source]

During the fall, he was cast out of Heaven by Metatron's spell with all other angels, though he managed to survive and found shelter in a convenience store with a man named Methuselah. There, he constructed a charm to speak with God, but it seems that this charm did not work (although rumor has it that it did).

He later returned to Heaven once Metatron had been defeated.

Season 12[edit | edit source]

In Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell, while searching for Kelly Kline, Castiel meets the angel Kelvin who tells Castiel that if he helps them find Kelly, he can be forgiven and return to Heaven. Kelvin then reveals that Joshua can make it happen, surprising Castiel as he'd believed Joshua had stepped aside. Kelvin admits that Joshua did, but took up a leading role, since Lucifer's child was an "all hands on deck" kind of situation. Kelvin is able to convince Castiel to return to Heaven and meet with Joshua to hear what he has in mind.

Joshua is killed by Dagon.

In The Future, after Castiel can't bring himself to kill Kelly with the Colt, Joshua instructs him to bring Kelly to Heaven's Portal where the travel to Heaven will kill both Kelly and her child and end the threat. After Castiel and Kelly arrive at the portal, Joshua emerges in the form of a young man. Joshua reassures Kelly but before he can take her through the portal, Dagon teleports in behind him and quickly combusts Joshua into dust. His death is then avenged when Castiel kills Dagon.

Season 14[edit | edit source]

In Game Night, Castiel seeks out Anael to help him find out how Joshua communicated with God, so he could do so as well. They go to Methusela's store and find the copy of Dean's Amulet that Joshua made.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Despite the fact that he was a regular angel, Joshua was the only known angel that talked with God. He possessed powers that of an average angel, including:

  • Angelic Possession - As an angel, Joshua required a vessel to walk the Earth and needed their permission. On Earth, Joshua's vessel is a young Caucasian male despite his appearing as an old man in Heaven.
  • Healing - When Joshua resurrected the Winchester brothers, the bullet wounds in their chests were completely healed.
  • Holy White Light - When resurrecting Sam and Dean, a white light emitted from his hand.
  • Immortality - Joshua, like all angels, has a long lifespan and doesn't age and also he cannot be killed by diseases or toxins.
  • Memory Manipulation - When Joshua resurrected the Winchester brothers, he allowed them to keep their memories of Heaven under God's orders, when usually resurrected humans forget their time in Heaven.
  • Resurrection - Joshua can raise people from the dead. After giving Dean and Sam God's message, Joshua resurrected the both of them.
  • Telepathy - He could talk to God mentally.
  • Teleportation (formerly) - Joshua, like all angels, can teleport anywhere he wishes and can bring others with him. He teleported himself and the brothers to Heaven's Garden.
  • Cook - According to Methuselah, Joshua made a "mean lasagne", which he probably picked up after Metatron's spell and losing his wings.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

Joshua had the common weaknesses of an Angel.

Death[edit | edit source]

Killed By[edit | edit source]

As Joshua prepared to take Kelly Kline and her unborn child through the Heavenly Portal which would kill them, Dagon teleported in behind him. Before Joshua was aware of Dagon's presence, she combusted him into dust.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Judging by how Joshua's voice actually breaks when he says he wishes that he could do more to help the Winchesters, Castiel and (presumably and unknowingly) the demon Crowley, he has developed emotions there by disproving Dean's thought of all angels being "winged dicks". It is unknown how he developed emotions as he spent no time on Earth such as Gabriel, or wanting to redeem himself for his mistakes such as Gadreel, Naomi, or even Castiel.

In his second appearance, Joshua retained his kind and gentle demeanor when speaking to Kelly. He may have even sympathized with her, but he retained a level of sternness by insisting that Kelly must die along with her unborn child. Despite Castiel failing to follow orders to kill Kelly with the Colt, Joshua appeared to not be angry with his choice and simply offered up a less violent but still effective solution to the problem.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Upon revealing himself to Sam and Dean, it is unknown if God still spoke to Joshua.
  • Despite appearing in the form of an elderly African-American man in Heaven in Dark Side of the Moon, Joshua's vessel in The Future is a young Caucasian male.

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