Josephine Barnes was a hunter. She got into hunting after losing her family to a vampire. She was taken in by Victor Rogers along with Krissy and Aidan, who also suffered similar fates.

Season 8Edit

Krissy checked into a motel, bribing the clerk to accept her fake ID and meets with Aidan and Josephine about Jimmy Day, the vampire that they believe killed Josephine's family. Using ATM footage, they tracked Jimmy to that motel and Krissy watches through cameras as Aidan and Josephine walk to Jimmy's motel room. When two men break in, Krissy holds them at gunpoint and is shocked to see that it is Sam and Dean and that they tracked her down. After knowing that Aidan and Josephine were in trouble, Krissy, Sam and Dean rush to their aid and when Jimmy runs, Krissy took him down with a dart loaded with dead man's blood. Jimmy claimed to be innocent but Josephine killed him.

Later they visit another place that Victor claimed, housed Krissy's father's killer. There they find Dean trying to help the vampire. Dean Winchester explained to them that Victor might have been playing with them. They believed him and went to ask Victor. There they found Sam Winchester tied up and about to be killed. She along with others, confronted Victor, who admitted that he had their families killed by Seth. Victor committed suicide out of guilt. She along with the others, helped the newly turned vampire to be cured.


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