Constance, she was the love of my life... I mean, maybe... maybe I made some mistakes.
— Joseph Welch
in Pilot

Joseph Welch was the husband of Constance Welch and had had two children with her.



At the time of his children's death and his wife's suicide, Joseph was an associate manager working the graveyard shift at the Frontier Auto Salvage Yard.[1]

Season 1Edit

When Sam goes to question Joseph, he is a shadow of his former self. He still appears to be very distraught about his wife and children's deaths. When Sam hints that Woman in White originate from their husbands' having affairs, going insane and killing their children because of it, Joseph becomes very angry, and, though he hints at an affair when he admits that he "may have made mistakes," he is certain that Constance would have never hurt his children.



  1. This and other information can be seen in a newspaper that Sam views when searching for information about who the Woman in White could be.
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