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This article is about a character appearing in the animated series, which is not canon. You may be looking for the live-action series counterpart, if any.

Jonah Greely was a character from Supernatural: The Animation.

Overview Edit

Jonah lived happy with his wife Marion for many years, however, this life was torn asunder when Jonah was killed upon a highway by Molly, who accidentally drove her car into Jonah.

This led Marion to commit suicide, but not before burying Jonah's corpse at a spot later marked by a tree.

For 15 years, Jonah's spirit tortured Molly on the anniversary of their deaths, though Molly would remain unaware of her own demise. Their chases led to numerous crashes, leading Sam and Dean Winchester to investigate the cause.

Although aware of Molly's identity, the brothers used her to help them find Jonah, and the brothers were able to locate his grave site. Jonah attacked Molly briefly before being dispelled. His corse was later salted and burned, thus putting him to rest.

However, the brothers soon discovered that Jonah was not alone, and that his wife's spirit was assisting him in torturing Molly. She fought back once he was gone, only for Dean to successfully put her to rest too.



  • Jonah is based on Jonah Greely from the TV series.
  • Unlike in the original TV series, Jonah was assisted by his wife in torturing Molly for killing him. Also, Jonah was not featured prominently in the episode, appearing only a few times and rather vaguely.
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