Jonah Greely was a ghost that haunted Highway 41 once a year.


On February 22, 1992, Jonah Greely was hit and killed by Molly McNamara and her husband David on Highway 41 in Nevada. Greely's wife claimed his body and was so distraught that she hung herself in the attic. Each year on the anniversary of his death, he tortures Molly for what she and her husband did to him.

As Sam and Dean searched for Greely's corpse, Jonah's ghost grabbed Molly and started to torture her. Greely was dispatched when Sam worked out that his wife had planted a tree as a grave marker. Sam then salted and burned his corpse.


Greely was an above average spirit, and possessed several rare powers.

  • Electrokinesis - Able to manipulate electronics, such as a car radio, or a normal radio, even if it wasn't plugged in, or stop a car from working.
  • Intangability
  • Invisibility
  • Thermokinesis - Able to freeze a plane of glass, to give a warning to Dean.
  • Claws - He had incredibly sharp nails, which he used to torture Molly.
  • Telekinesis - A capable telekinetic, he was able to fling Dean with a point of his finger.
  • Biokinesis - He could mentally inflict wounds in others; he cut Dean's face, by pointing at him.
  • Teleportation - Unlike most Spirits Greely was able to travel over a quite wide area.


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