Jolene was a nurse scheduled to assist in a cardiac surgery on Hilary, a young girl with a severe heart condition.

Season 6Edit

SPN 1014

Jolene's spirit is led away by Tessa.

When Dean, who was standing in for Death, refused to kill the girl, her heart spontaneously healed and Jolene was sent home early. As a result of her early departure from the hospital, she was in a serious car accident. Paramedics returned her to the hospital, where Dean was forced to kill her because of her mortal wounds. When her spirit left her body, she encountered Tessa, who told her that she was not meant to die for many more decades, but that Dean made a mistake that resulted in her death, and that would lead to other deaths. Jolene's spirit was then led away by Tessa.

Jolene's husband, Scott, arrived at the hospital after her death, and was so distraught that he drank and drove later that night. He was saved from a fatal accident by Dean, who removed Death's ring so that he could take the steering wheel of Scott's car and avert the collision. Dean, though he had lost his bet with Death, was then willing to go back to the hospital and dispatch Hilary, the girl with the heart condition, to prevent further deaths resulting from his error.



  • During the scene where Scott drives drunk, parts of a news report can be heard about Jolene's death. The report indicates that Jolene's accident was a hit-and-run.
  • Alison Araya, who plays Jolene, later played Vice Principal Bailey in Atomic Monsters.
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