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Yeah. Well, got to hand it to the old man, huh? Pretty much built up an entire empire from scratch.

John Winchester was a hunter in an alternate reality where he led an organization of hunters known as HunterCorp.

He was the counterpart of John Winchester.


In his world, John was a hunter and spoiled his sons, only drinking top label alcohol but otherwise not allowing alcohol in his house. A hunter like his Main Universe counterpart, John became the leader of a worldwide organization of hunters known as HunterCorp.

In 2020, his world was destroyed by God, as God was destroying every alternate reality. John and his sons escaped through a rift as their world was destroyed. However, while Sam and Dean ended up in the Main Universe, John did not appear with them, leaving it unknown if he survived or ended up in another world altogether. When his sons described him, they were shocked to hear to that a version of their father was alive.

With the revelation that God has destroyed the entire Multiverse, John was presumably killed as well if he did in fact survive the destruction of his world and end up in another world altogether.