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This article is about a character appearing in the animated series, which is not canon. You may be looking for the live-action series counterpart, if any.

Do you have any idea why I have trained you as hard as I have? It's so that you could learn to protect yourself properly. I couldn't bear to see anything happen to you. That goes for Sam too.
John to Dean
in Savage Blood

John Winchester is a character from Supernatural: The Anime Series, a Japanese remake from the first two seasons of the original TV Series. He is the father of Sam and Dean Winchester. John became a hunter when his wife was killed by a demon. He raised his two sons to be hunters as well.


He first appeared in Home, when he spoke to Missouri Mosley from the shadows. Sam and Dean hit the road to find him, who was missing for sometime. He told her that it was too soon for his sons to see him.

In the episode Savage Blood, Sam mentions that John probably looked into the same mysterious case as them. Dean mentions to Ryan that John put him through strict training as a kid. Later Dean has a flashback of a hunt he had with John as a kid.

John and his sons eventually reunited and together they sought after the Yellow-Eyed demon, using the Colt which can kill it. Dean however, is left dying after a car accident and John decides to sell his soul to Yellow-Eyes in exchange for Dean's.

When Jake Talley opens the Devil's Gate in All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 2, John's spirit manages to escape and grab hold of Yellow-Eyes before the demon can shoot Dean. He forces the demon to drop the Colt, allowing Dean to use it against the demon. Yellow-Eyes is killed and John and his sons meet for one last tearful moment before John vanishes.



  • This version of John Winchester wears a hat in all of his appearances, unlike the TV version.
  • The vampire Benny Lafitte in the mainstream show wore a coat and hat similar to John's.
  • In the main TV series, it was implied John's soul escaped Hell due to the Devil's Gate opening - in the anime, it was slightly more ambiguous with Sam being unsure how John's soul escaped.