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Mom, my entire life I've been searching for something. And this -- this is good versus evil. Saving people, hunting things. I was born to do this.
— John to his mother
in Pilot

John Winchester is a main character in The Winchesters portrayed by Drake Rodger. "John has recently returned from Vietnam. Selfless and clear headed, he finds a new mission back home, where traces of his father’s past lead him to a secret organization and a whole new war as a hunter."[1] He's currently dating Mary Campbell.

John Winchester is a younger alternate version of the character of the same name in the Supernatural series.


John was a soldier in Vietnam. He illegally enlisted while underage by forging his father's signature. He was engaged to a young woman named Betty, which is also very unusual for his age, but their engagement was called off after John left for the war.


John is "selfless and clear headed". He does however have a tougher more guarded side to him due to suffering from severe PTSD from his time in the war. John can also act extremely aggressive and ruthless especially when he gets into a fight. John can also act a bit recklessly if he feels it’s necessary to get the job done or if he feels panicky. When talking about his relationship status, he knows what he wants even if he can’t openly admit it. He dated Betty for a long time and might have even slept with her. It was this that likely gave John the courage to propose to her before either of them had even tuned 20 years old. When John met Mary, he fell for her right away but was too shy to tell her how he feels, although they eventually get together.

Physical Appearance[]

John is a handsome young man in his twenties with fair skin and black hair. He is tall with an athletic physique. After his return from Vietnam, John has longer hair on the sides and the front, but he cuts it after the return of Samuel.

Due to his war service, John initially has a number of scars, including a large discolored spot on his arm where he ended up with some shrapnel from his friend Murph's death. However, these scars were all healed by Mars Neto.

Powers and Abilities[]

Although a regular human, John has some impressive abilities due to his history as a soldier and his training as a hunter. According to Mars Neto, the Celtic god of war, this makes him uniquely qualified to fight in the war against the Akrida, a nearly unstoppable race of monsters.

  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Due to being a top level soldier in Vietnam, John is an excellent fighter. He has overpowered and defeated several monsters by himself despite him still being new to hunting. John is able to handle himself well in combat against Mars Neto, the Celtic god of war, who is impressed with John's abilities, ultimately defeating and killing Neto single-handedly after Neto's amphora was destroyed and he lost his invulnerability.
  • High-level intellect: John is a very sharp witted individual and is a great tactician despite his mom claiming that he was not an A student. While being interrogated by one of the Akrida, John is able to turn the tables on him, deducing that the Akrida are afraid of Dean Winchester because of the lengths that the Akrida are going to in order to get information on Dean as well as the fact that Dean must not be from this Earth for the Akrida to be afraid of him. During his fight with Joan Hopkins, after seeing Mary approaching in the Impala, John is quick-witted enough to distract the Akrida Queen with their sword fight and then take the chance to kick her into Mary's path so that Mary can kill Joan with the Impala. In addition, despite being unaware of Mary's plan involving the car beforehand, John is quick witted enough to put it together almost instantly.
  • Tracking: During his time in the war John’s primary job was to track people down. He has since used these skills in hunts.
  • Expert Hunting Skills: Despite being a hunter for only a short period of time, John has quickly developed into an expert hunter, helped by his skills as a Marine.
  • Adept Swordsman: While sword fighting with Joan Hopkins, John is able to hold his own quite well despite Joan's centuries more of experience with Joan at one point resorting to telekinesis to repel him.



  • Mary Campbell: John and Mary are close friends and love interests. When they first met, they showed an attraction to each other right off the bat. When John found out Mary was a hunter he tagged along in hopes of finding answers about his father. As the two continued to work together on hunts, their bond would grow stronger and they would continue to fall for each other, but have yet to make a move. When John and Mary were fighting the Akrida, Mary fell on top of John and that turned into a semi-intimate moment for them. A few minutes later when they were cornered, John stopped holding back and shared a kiss with Mary. After rescuing Mary’s dad Samuel and defeating Loki, Mary told John she wants to be with him and the pair start officially dating.
  • Betty Donelon: Betty is John's ex-fiancée. She gave John the engagement ring back after he got home from Vietnam, and the two agreed that they both still cared about each other and to forever be friends; Millie mentioned in Cast Your Fate to the Wind that it was her grandmother's ring. John said they were too young and he was moving too fast when he proposed to her. Though Betty doesn't know about the supernatural, John went to her to get information on a case without being arrested as Betty's a police officer — and he was right; Betty didn't question why he was asking and gave him the information. However, Betty later contacts Millie because she's worried that John's running with the wrong crowd after seeing John's new friend, Mary, at two different crime scenes and seeing Mary's rap sheet. After learning the truth, Betty helps John escape and helps his mother find proof that he was framed for Kyle Reed's murder.



  • In You're Lost Little Girl, John mentions that when he was a kid, he wanted to be catcher for the Kansas City Athletics when he grew up.
  • In You've Got a Friend, one of the Akrida mentions John was captured and a P.O.W. (Prisoner of War) in Vietnam, and John confirms it.
  • In the Supernatural series, a Cupid mentioned that when Mary and John first met, they couldn’t stand each other, which is different from this version of John who fell for Mary right away. This is cleared up at the end of the season as it is revealed that this is not the "original" John and Mary, but alternate versions of them.



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