Alright, any of this stuff scream "clown" to you?
John Wayne Gacy's cigar box. I mean...
We should burn that right now.
Dean and Sam decide to destroy the box.
in Lebanon

John Wayne Gacy's cigar box was a cigar box that once belonged to infamous serial killer John Wayne Gacy.


After John Wayne Gacy's execution, his ghost somehow became not only tied to the cigar box, but trapped inside.

At some point, the cigar box fell into Terry's collection. After Terry's death, hunters Sam and Dean Winchester claimed the collection for themselves. While going through the log of the collection, Sam noted the cigar box was part of it and was amazed. The box was stolen shortly thereafter by Max along with the Impala.

At an abandoned house, a group of partying teenagers unlatched the box, allowing Gacy's spirit to be released. The Winchesters arrived as Gacy terrorized the kids and quickly realized that the box was what the ghost was tied to. Sam placed the box in a fireplace and attempted to burn it, but had trouble igniting his Zippo. Finally, Sam managed to set the box alight, destroying Gacy's ghost.


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