A serial killer clown. I mean this is like the best worst thing that's ever happened to you. You know because you love serial killers but, but you hate clowns.
Dean expresses glee at Sam facing an actual killer clown.
in Lebanon
John Wayne Gacy's ghost. Well, that's one for the record books.
Dean's later feelings on the encounter.
in Lebanon

John Wayne Gacy (born March 17, 1942 - May 10, 1994), also known as the Killer Clown, was an infamous serial killer.


In life, John Wayne Gacy was an infamous serial killer known as the Killer Clown who tortured and murdered at least thirty-three boys and young men. He was eventually captured and executed for his crimes, but his ghost became attached to his cigar box.

At some point, his cigar box fell into the hands of Terry. After Terry's death, the cigar box was taken by hunters Sam and Dean Winchester who were unaware that Gacy's ghost was in the box. After the Impala was stolen by Max, the cigar box was taken to an abandoned house along with the rest of Terry's collection where the partying kids left the box unlatched. Gacy's ghost was released from the box as a result.

When Ethan went to wash his hands in the bathroom, Gacy terrorized the boy by fogging over the bathroom mirror, appearing in it when he wiped away the fog and then lunging out of the mirror at Ethan. Having tracked the Impala to the house, the Winchesters arrived in time to witness the terrified Ethan running away and were told of his encounter with the ghostly clown.

After clearing the house, Sam spotted the cigar box and realized that they were dealing with Gacy's ghost while his breath became visible, confirming the presence of a ghost. Sam quickly put the cigar box into the house's fireplace and began trying to burn it. As Sam struggled to light his Zippo, Gacy caused the lights to flicker and appeared nearby. Gacy attacked Dean and threw him into a couch, but Sam finally managed to ignite the cigar box. Gacy's ghost went up in flames and was destroyed as the local kids rushed in in time to witness his destruction.

In Moriah, after God releases spirits from Hell, Gacy's ghost arrives at a children's birthday party to find his next victims.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

John Wayne Gacy was a somewhat powerful ghost.

  • Invisibility - As a ghost, he was naturally invisible though he could become visible at will.
  • Thermokinesis - As a ghost, Gacy's presence dropped the temperature in a room and caused the breath of everyone in his vicinity to become visible. Additionally, he was able to purposefully fog over a mirror.
  • Electrokinesis - Gacy caused the lights to flicker while trying to stop the Winchesters from destroying him.
  • Super Speed - Gacy's ghost was able to rush at Dean incredibly fast.
  • Super Strength - Gacy was able to shove Dean into a couch hard.



  • John Wayne Gacy is the second famous serial killer that the Winchesters have faced as a ghost. In Season 2's No Exit, they faced the ghost of Henry H. Holmes, America's first serial killer.
  • In real life, John Wayne Gacy was cremated after his execution, explaining why his spirit could be destroyed through burning his cigar box.
  • As pointed out by Dean, Gacy is a combination of Sam's favorite and most hated things: serial killers and clowns.
  • It is unknown how Gacy's ghost became trapped in his cigar box. When released, he appeared first as a cloud of gray smoke before taking the form of a ghostly clown. This cloudy form was similar to Chester Johnson's form when he was expelled from someone that he was possessing in Plush.
  • Gacy is actually referenced in Season 2's Simon Said. After seeing Andrew Gallagher's van, Dean comments "not exactly a serial killer's lair, though. There's no... clown paintings on the walls, or scissors stuck in victims' photos. I like the tiger." Dean mentioning clown paintings is a reference to Gacy, who was known to paint portraits of his alter ego "Pogo the Clown" while incarcerated.
  • He also referenced by Dean in Season 5's Sam, Interrupted. When looking Martin Creaser's clown drawings, Dean asked if they were "original Gacy's," referring to Gacy's tendency to paint portraits of his clown alter-ego "Pogo the Clown" while he was in prison.
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