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Dean: Y'know, what kind of name is uh, Joey Six?
Joey Six: Ah, that's just something they used to call me back in PBR.
Dean and Joey Six
in The Gamblers

Joey Six was a former rodeo rider who lost all of his luck at Fortuna's pool hall.


At some point in his life, Joey was a rodeo rider where he got the name Joey Six. He eventually developed terminal lung cancer and visited Fortuna's pool hall in Alaska in an attempt to change his luck to beat it and managed to win himself an extra year of life, beating thirty to forty people.

When Sam and Dean Winchester visited the pool hall, Dean challenged Joey to a game. After both missed shots, Joey challenged Dean to put the eight-ball in the corner pocket "double or nothing," a bet which Dean accepted and won. Joey lost all of his remaining luck in the bet and almost immediately began to feel ill from his cancer. Going outside, Joey congratulated Dean on his win and placed his now-faded coin on top of his hat before dissolving into a coughing fit that left blood on his hand. Joey requested that the Winchesters let him die in peace, shocking Sam that he was dying. Joey explained about his cancer and how he had won an extra year of life before smoking a cigarette while coughing heavily.

Joey died shortly thereafter, upsetting the Winchesters who had genuinely liked him. However, the luck Dean took from Joey was not enough to restore Sam and Dean's luck, causing Sam to realize that Fortuna was stealing some of it each time given the number of people Joey had beaten.