Joe Phillips is a police sergeant living in Dodge City, Kansas.


Joe lived in Dodge City, Kansas where he became a sergeant on the local police force. Joe was extremely close to his nephew Carl who followed in Joe's footsteps and became a deputy when he grew up.

After Carl was murdered while investigating a grave robbery, Joe ended up being the officer in charge of the case since the sheriff was on vacation. Joe was left saddened and enraged by Carl's murder and desired to get revenge outside of the law. Joe was approached at the crime scene by Dean Winchester and Castiel who Joe mistook as Texas Rangers from their outfits. Dean claimed that they were investigating a series of grave robberies which were possibly connected to the one in Dodge City. Joe suggested that Carl's investigation into the robbery led to his death and made it clear to the two men that if he found the killer, he would kill the man instead of arresting him.

After the grave robber also robbed by a bank where a massive shootout took place, the bank teller recognized him by voice as Athena Lopez's boyfriend Dave. Fingerprints from the bank robbery matched Carl's murder, so Joe took matters into his own hands to get revenge. After having found Dave's home cleared out, Joe traveled to the mortuary, correctly believing that Dave wouldn't leave town without Athena. There, Joe was joined by Dean with both men making it clear they were out to kill Dave. Dean and Joe teamed up and Dean told Joe to aim for the head.

Dean and Joe attempted to find Dave in the graveyard where Dave avoided being caught by them. After Dean moved away from Joe to flush Dave out, Dave grabbed Joe from underground and dragged him through a tunnel to the mortuary. There, Dave beat Joe up before leaving. After Dean followed the tunnel to the mortuary, he found Joe beaten but alive. Dave showed up and held Dean at gunpoint, demanding his surrender. Unnoticed by Dave, Dean slipped Joe his shotgun as Joe had lost his own when Dave dragged him into the tunnel. After Dean moved out of the way, Joe used Dean's shotgun to blow Dave's head off, killing him.

The following morning, Joe questioned Dean on what exactly had happened. Dean gave Joe the story that a guy named Dave had killed Carl and tried to kill Joe before Joe shot him dead while Dean was never there. Joe agreed that the story was "fair enough." Dean told Joe that Dave was responsible for the death of the security guard at the bank as well.


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