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No. You were right—about me. My judgment was clouded. You know, working this case, it brought... feelings back. Feelings I've been trying to bury for years, you know, buried it under work, religion... even dating. We know how that worked out. But, you know, it was still there, underneath. The grief. Don't know what that means for me, just that I've been—I've been fooling myself to think that I could ignore it. Anyway, thank you—for coming out, for curing Alex.

Jody Mills (b. 1976) is the sheriff of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She is an ally of the Winchesters and occasionally helps them in their cases. She was also affiliated with Bobby Singer before his death. She was also the wife of Sean Mills and mother of Owen Mills until their deaths and has since adopted Annie Jones and Claire Novak. Starting as an ally of the Winchesters who occasionally dabbles in hunting, Jody has become an experienced hunter in her own right.




Jody was a resident of Sioux Falls. She was eventually promoted to the rank of Sheriff. Either before or after this, Jody met and married a man named Sean, and together they had a son named Owen. Owen died of unknown causes when he was just a boy, leaving Jody devastated.

At some point, Jody developed a history with Bobby Singer, whom she typically regarded as a troublemaker and a drunk before the events of the series.

Season 5[]

She first appears in Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid when she walks into the diner and sees two men talking to "Digger". She asks Sam and Dean who they are, and they reply FBI. When they give her their "supervisor's" number, she finds out it's, in fact, Bobby Singer by recognizing his voice. She warns Sam and Dean to stop whatever it is they're planning to do.


She later arrests Sam and Dean when they go after a man who had come back from the dead. Bobby later comes by and talks her into releasing Sam and Dean. It is later revealed that her own son had come back, which is the reason she is not taking action on this matter.

Jody faces her zombie son.

Then her son starts to get sick and she is very worried. But when she walks back into the room, she finds her husband dead, and her son eating him. As she backs away, Sam comes in and saves her. He gets her out, and she tries to go back and save her husband, but Sam tells her that her husband is already dead. Sam goes in and shoots her son. Afterward, she teams up with Sam and gets the town ready for the zombie attack. She and Sam later arrive to save Bobby and Dean. After the attack, she and Dean sweep the area for any remaining zombies.

Season 6[]

Jody Mills returns

She later returns in Weekend at Bobby's, when she and an FBI agent arrive at Bobby's door. She helps Bobby by getting the agent outside his house but is shocked to hear that he also had a body outside as well as inside. They go outside to find a hole, and she gets rid of the agent. Bobby later asks her a favor to get Rufus moved to a jail in town. Jody is shocked by this request and tells Bobby she could lose her job and drives away. She later comes to Bobby's doorstep with Rufus and tells Bobby he has a certain amount of time before she calls in and tells the FBI Rufus escaped from her custody. She threatens that if she loses her job over this, Bobby will be in trouble.

Season 7[]

Jody follows Dr. Gaines

In Hello, Cruel World Jody was at the hospital the Leviathans decided to use as their feeding area. She recently had surgery and was sharing a room with another woman. In the night, Jody witnesses the woman being taken away by Dr. Gaines who treated her. She follows him to see Dr. Gaines kill and eat the woman. Escaping back to her room, Jody soon passes out in the hallway and wakes up back in her room with Dr. Gaines telling her he'll see her soon. With her life in danger, she calls Bobby Singer for help. Bobby gets her out of the hospital and checks it out.


In Slash Fiction, Jody manages to find Bobby in his hideout. She offers him food and beer. Jody thanks Bobby for saving her and offers to cook for him. It's thanks to Jody that Bobby figures out the Leviathans' weakness. Jody was cleaning the place using a cleaning agent that contained Borax, a chemical which painfully dissolves the skin of Leviathans, and Bobby kisses her for it. As she leaves, Bobby gives her the Leviathan's head and tells her to toss it into the river.

Jody and Sam summon Chronos.

In Time After Time, she calls Sam up with a case of people being mummified. When she calls a second time she finds out that Dean has gone missing, and offers her help. Sam asks her to go to Bobby's storage to grab some boxes. She arrives at the condemned house Sam is staying at and brings in the boxes of supernatural research. Jody and Sam look over the case and from the ring on the man's finger they figure out it's the Time God Chronos. So they look for a way to summon Chronos. Eventually, they find the ritual required to summon Chronos from any point in time, but Sam states that they first need to know the right time when Chronos has his hands on Dean to bring him back.

Jody later sends Sam to bed when he tires himself out, but he later comes and shows her a letter from Dean, revealing he had traveled back to 1944 and was working with Eliot Ness to find Chronos, whom they discovered was romancing a woman named Lila Taylor. Sam and Jody visit an elderly Lila and obtain the date and time to summon Chronos. They return to the house and perform the summoning ritual, bringing both Chronos and Dean to the present day. Jody goes to help Dean, whom Chronos has turned his murderous eyes on, blaming him for ruining his happiness. Sam stabs Chronos with an olive stake, killing the god and saving Dean.

After Sam and Dean Winchester rescue the virgin blood "donor" Emily from one of the Alpha Vampire's house, Sam gives her a phone with Jody's number and tells Emily to call her for help if they are not back by dawn. Emily, however, had been brainwashed into thinking the Alpha Vampire was her father and threw Jody's number in the fireplace before returning to her "father".[1]

Season 8[]

Jody on a date

In Sacrifice, Jody goes on a date with what she believes to be a man named Roderick, but it is actually Crowley. The two get along great and Crowley claims to have lost loved ones, causing Jody to remember her dead son and husband and cry.

Jody on the brink of death

She goes into the bathroom to calm down, but Crowley casts a spell that causes to her to start choking to death on her own blood. Sam and Dean call him to stop but tells them that he will spare Jody's life only if they stop the trials to close the Gates of Hell and turn over the Demon Tablet, using the short time Jody has left to press the issue. Dean agrees if he swaps the angel tablet instead and Crowley tells them they must say "I surrender" before he stops. Presumably, Sam and Dean do and Jody is saved.

Season 9[]

Jody captured by Vesta.

In Rock and a Hard Place, Jody is called to the town of Hartford, South Dakota which she covers as Sheriff along with Sioux Falls and after learning of the fourth mysterious disappearance where unnatural strength was displayed, calls in Sam and Dean to investigate. Jody tells them about the case and brings in the only witness who describes a strange blue light after the truck the victim was hiding under was pushed over. Later, after Dean goes with Suzy Lee to her apartment, Jody works with Sam on the case, figuring out that the people were virgins who broke their chastity promise. When Dean doesn't answer the phone, Sam and Jody rush to Suzy's apartment to discover it a mess and the two gone.

Normal SPN908HD 2128.jpg

Searching for who could have done this, Jody finds out about the Roman goddess Vesta who has fire powers and buries alive virgins who don't stay virgins. Sam gets a call from Dean and though he loses the signal, he and Jody are able to figure out where he is because of a train passing in the background. Jody discovers that Vesta can only be killed by an oak stake stained in the blood of a virgin and they head to the town church where the two try to convince a virgin to give them her blood. When she refuses, Jody punches her in the nose and wipes some of the blood off on a tissue. Carrying the stake, Jody and Sam search the farm they believe Dean is at and locate an old bomb shelter in the barn where Dean is. Vesta attacks, knocking out Sam and threatening Jody who surprises her by revealing her knowledge of Vesta's nature. As Vesta is distracted tying her down and telling her why she is doing this, Jody tries to stab her with the stake, but Vesta overpowers her and tries to kill her with it. Though Sam manages to stop her from being killed, Jody is stabbed non-fatally. While Vesta is distracted by Sam, Jody stabs her from behind with the stake, killing her. Dean then manages to open the door of the shelter and the three rescue the three surviving victims. Jody, her arm in a sling, thanks Sam and Dean for their help before saying goodbye.

Normal SPN919HD 0085.jpg

In Alex Annie Alexis Ann, Jody returns to her police station to find a vampire named Cody attacking a young woman in one of the jail's cells. Acting quickly, Jody decapitates Cody with a fire axe and calls in Sam and Dean to help as she overheard Cody mentioning that more vampires would be coming after the girl. Sam and Dean confirm that she is not a vampire while Jody finds out she is Annie Jones, a girl who was kidnapped eight years before and has no surviving relatives, however, she insists that she be called Alex. While Sam and Dean hunt the nest, Jody takes Alex to her family cabin to protect her. There, Alex acts rude even when deducing that Jody's family is dead, but Jody does her best to take care of her. That night, Sam and Dean call her to warn her that the vampires are coming and that there's a problem with Alex, but they arrive during the call and Jody is knocked out in the fight that follows.

Jody gains a surrogate daughter.

When Sam and Dean arrive the next morning, they tell Jody that they have learned that the vampires are using Alex to lure in humans to feed on and that they plan to raid the nest and kill all the vampires inside with the rescue of Alex being a secondary priority. Despite their reservations, Jody demands to come with them and refuses to be left behind. At the nest, Jody searches the basement after hearing Alex scream and finds her turned into a vampire. Jody is captured by the vampire "mother" Celia who tries to get Alex to feed on Jody to complete her transformation.

Alex refuses as Jody was so good to her and Jody realizes that Celia lost a daughter named Alex and kidnapped Annie Jones and renamed her Alex to replace her dead daughter. Celia admits this while Jody admits that she's been trying to fill the void in her life created by the death of her family with many things, including Alex. Celia tries to drain Jody of her blood and kill her, but Alex saves Jody by injecting Celia with dead man's blood, incapacitating her. Telling Alex not to look, Jody retrieves her weapon and decapitates Celia as Sam and Dean come to help, having finally dispatched the other vampires. As Alex didn't feed, Sam and Dean are able to use Celia's blood to create the vampire cure and cure her. Jody takes Alex back to her cabin where she tells Sam and Dean she intends to look after her and that they were right about her trying to fill the void in her life. After they leave, Jody goes to Alex who is going to be sick for a few days from the cure and promises to be there for her, understanding what it's like to lose one's whole family.

Season 10[]


In Hibbing 911, Jody is forced to attend an officer's retreat in Hibbing. Here she meets Officer Donna Hanscum and is paired as her partner due to being on the phone with her adopted daughter Annie Jones, thus being unable to freely select a partner. Jody overhears a conversation about an animal attack. Deciding to take matters into her own hands, she heads down to the morgue but is denied access to the victim's body until Donna arrives. The two continue with their retreat until Sam and Dean arrive to help with the case. After Jody and Donna have a dispute over their ex-husbands, Donna heads outside for some fresh air. There she witnesses Sheriff Len Cuse with his vampire teeth exposed standing over a deceased Sheriff Goodhill. She explains what she saw to Jody, who takes the new information and breaks into Sheriff Cuse's room. There Jody, Donna, Sam, and Dean find an address that leads to a barn. At the barn, the four of them are captured and discover that Sheriff Cuse left his life as a vampire much to the annoyance of Starr and her nest. Sheriff Cuse is then executed by Starr while Dean and Donna break free and dispose of the rest of the vampires. Jody helps Donna come to terms with what has happened and has agreed to fill her in on how to kill a variety of other monsters.

In Angel Heart, Claire Novak is given Jody's information, being told she is good people and she'll give Claire a place to crash while she gets her life together.

Season 11[]

Spn1112 0471.jpg

Jody is shown taking care of Alex and Claire in Don't You Forget About Me Like Alex, Jody does not believe that Claire is hunting real monsters, and is in fact just causing trouble. Since Jody is the Sheriff, Claire has yet to be arrested. When the Winchesters arrive, Jody tells the boys over the table how she thinks Claire is doing. When Claire points out that Alex is planning to run off to have sex with Henry in Jody's cabin, Jody admits she saw birth control pills in Alex's bag.

Awkwardly, Jody tries to give Alex a sex-talk and is unhappy that Sam and Dean don't agree with her much.

When Sam and Dean go looking into suspicious deaths, Jody and Claire are captured by the janitor at Alex's school, who turns out to be a vampire. Jody and Claire are tied up while the vampire Richard Beesome and Henry, who is also a vampire, taunt Alex, whom they've also captured.

The Winchesters then come to their aid. With Claire's help, the brothers are able to defeat the two vampires and save Jody and Alex. The next day, Jody is shown badly injured with a broken leg though is well enough to find Claire attempting to cook for her and appreciates the effort. She soon bids the brothers farewell.

Season 12[]

Jody meeting Mary

In Celebrating The Life Of Asa Fox, the Winchesters drop by after a hunt to visit Jody who's enjoying a day off alone while Alex and Claire are at a concert. The three enjoy a movie on Netflix before Jody gets a call that Asa Fox is dead. An emotional Jody explains that Asa had come through town a few months before on a ghoul hunt and since then, they had met up sometimes for coffee.

Joined by the Winchesters, Jody goes to Asa's home in Canada for his wake where she is shocked to learn that Mary Winchester has been resurrected. After noticing Dean struggling with Mary's return, Jody offers him advice as a mother who has lost her husband and son and how she would react if they returned.

Jody possessed by Jael

When one of the hunters in the house is revealed to have been murdered by the Crossroad Demon Jael, Jody works with the others to try to defend themselves and suddenly accuses Mary of being possessed and tries to get the other hunters to kill her. The Winchesters realize that its actually Jody who's possessed by Jael who reveals himself and throws the hunters around despite their best efforts to fight back. Jael reveals that the hunter Bucky was actually Asa's killer and that Jody, who was in a relationship with Asa, dreamed of a future with him. As Jael throws them around, the hunters perform an exorcism, each taking over after one is incapacitated. Finally, Jael is exorcised from Jody and sent back to Hell. Jody survives the exorcism and tells Sam that it was the worst experience ever.

The next morning, as the bodies are burned, Jody tells Mary mother to mother that Sam and Dean are the best men she knows and Mary should be proud of them. Mary tells Jody that Sam and Dean aren't the problems.

Jody: Look, maybe this isn't my place, and this is epic stuff, but, you know, if I could have my son and my husband back? I mean really back? I would give anything, absolutely anything to have that. And it would scare the hell out of me.

Dean: Yeah?
Jody: Yeah. Because what if I've changed. What if they changed? What if it just didn't work out the way I wanted?

— Jody about her lost family, to Dean Winchester

In Ladies Drink Free, Claire is revealed to be hunting on her own and lying to Jody about it. Claire tells Sam that she tried hunting with Jody, but Jody just left her in the car and Claire believes Jody wants her to go to nursing school like Alex. After being briefly turned into a werewolf, Claire accepts that Jody and Alex are her family. At the end of the episode, Claire leaves Jody a voicemail in which she admits she has been hunting on her own in secret. Claire tells Jody that she has to hunt on her own "for a little while", but she's ready and never would've been if Jody hadn't been her mother.

In Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes, Sam tells Dean that Jody has put out an APB for Castiel and Kelly Kline across three states.

Jody and Alex

In Who We Are, a brainwashed Mary Winchester is ordered to kill Jody. However, while Mary catches Jody by surprise, Alex returns home in time to save Jody and they are able to subdue Mary. Jody then alerts the Winchesters and takes part in their planning meeting with other hunters about the threat from the British Men of Letters. Jody chooses to join Sam's assault team and shares a warm goodbye with Alex who tells Jody to "kick it in the ass" and departs for a safe house where Donna Hanscum is waiting.

Jody comforts Dean.

Jody takes part in the assault on the British Men of Letters compound. Jody survives the battle and kills several British Men of Letters operatives. When Sam faces off with Doctor Hess, a British Men of Letters Elder and head of the American operation, Jody holds her at gunpoint and follows Sam's lead in the situation alongside Walt. After Sam rejects Doctor Hess' pleas, Doctor Hess goes for her gun and Jody shoots Doctor Hess through the head before she can do anything more. The three hunters then blow up the compound as they leave, having eliminated the threat from the British Men of Letters in America.

Season 13[]

In Lost and Found, When Jack was on the loose, Dean tells Sam that he is going to ask Jody and see if she can put an APB out on Jack.

Jody comes to the aid of Missouri.

In Patience, When psychics are being killed by a wraith, Missouri Moseley reaches out to Sam and Dean to help. Jody is given the job, and Dean joins her on the hunt which is determined to be a wraith. Missouri has a vision that her estranged son James Turner and granddaughter Patience, who is also a psychic, are in danger. After Dean and Jody leave to rescue them, the wraith kills Missouri. Dean and Jody warn the family but the wraith manages to get to Patience. While being held, she has visions of her dad, Jody, and Dean being killed by the wraith. With Patience's warning, they eventually manage to kill the wraith and stop the visions coming true.

You don't have to listen to him, to either of them, if it's not what you really want. I had a daughter, I guess, Claire, and I asked her to stay in line, to fight who she really was 'cause I thought it would keep her safe. It didn't work. It never does. Your gift, you know, maybe you're right. Maybe it'll go away. But if it doesn't... you try to force it down to make someone else happy, you will only make yourself miserable. It's your choice but if you ever need someone to talk to or some place to go, my door is always open.
— Jody to Patience Turner

Jody gives Patience her card.

Before Jody and Dean leave, Patience says that her father has told her to ignore her powers, and live a normal life. While Dean agrees, Jody takes her aside and tells that she tried to keep Claire safe by stopping her from doing what she wanted to do and that it didn't work. Jody tells Patience that she should follow her heart, and gives her a card and tells her to call her if she ever needs to talk.

In War of the Worlds, Dean briefly talks to Jody on the phone about the murders of three witches that they are investigating.

In The Scorpion and The Frog, Sam states that he had Jody put out an APB on Jack.

In The Bad Place, Jody contacts the Winchesters to inform them of the murder of Derek Swan which she has learned from a contact in the Bismarck, North Dakota PD. Though the killing seems like an angel smiting, Derek's girlfriend described him being visited by someone that matched the description of Jack.

After having a vision of Jody and the Winchesters in serious trouble, Patience visits Jody who has grown worried and is attempting to call Dean with no luck. Patience tells Jody that she has had a vision and something bad is coming.

In Wayward Sisters, Jody calls Claire to tell her that Sam and Dean are missing after going on a hunting trip and that she should come home. Later Claire arrives back to Sioux Falls where Jody fills her in on Patience being a psychic she had. Together with Claire, Patience, and Alex, she listens to a voicemail from Sam saying that he and Dean were after Kaia Nieves and asking for Jody's help. Jody reveals to Claire of Patience's vision, which showed Claire dying in the Bad Place.

After Kaia is saved by a monster and taken to Jody's, the dead monster is given an autopsy by Alex in Jody's garage. A short time later, the group was forced to flee the house after Patience predicted that the Cloaked Figures were about to attack. Jody calls Donna for help, who is prepared with many weapons in her car. The women band together to rescue Dean and Sam from the Bad Place. Jody worries about losing her daughter but is surprised Claire agreed to stay back as she and Donna go off.

Jody and Donna find the rift

Arriving at the boatyard, she and Donna fight off several Cloaked Figures before they make it to the Rift. Seeing it, Jody wanted to go through it but Donna tells her not to and they keep fighting as the girls showed up as the house was attacked.

Eventually, Claire and Kaia rescue Dean and Sam but at the cost of Kaia's life. When Claire starts crying in Jody's arms does Patience realize that what she saw in her vision was true, only it wasn't Claire that needed saving.

Sam and Dean thanked for her rescuing them and for the food she gave, though Sam warned her the rift was opened for a while and more Cloaked Figures could still be roaming the town. Jody appreciated their worry but told them she and her girls have it under control and tells them to focus on saving the world.

Jody and her surrogate family

Later, Jody has a heart to heart talk to a heartbroken Claire in her room, where Claire finally understands why Jody is so protective of her. Claire joined Jody and the other women for dinner as they all congratulated Patience on killing a monster.

In Breakdown, Donna calls the Winchesters for help after her niece disappears. Donna explains that she would've called Jody, but Jody is "busy with the girls."

Season 14[]

Sam, Dean, and Jody on a hunt

During The Scar, Sam and Dean contact Jody Mills who is happy to hear Dean has return and they were trying to get a clue as to what she knew about a scar that Dean had in her location. As it turns out, Jody had been investigating three murders she thought were done by a human serial killer but realizes were done by the mysterious person when they describe the weapon. The Winchesters and Jody search the woods near Sioux Falls for the person, finding three decapitated vampire heads, confusing them as Alex had determined that the murder victims didn't react to any of the usual monster tests. They eventually realize that the vampires are some of Michael's enhanced monsters that he sent to kill the assailant and get their spear after they injured him. The three find hooded person's camp where Dean recalls Michael was there with the hooded figure. Dean is soon attacked by the hooded person but in the struggle, their hood falls off, revealing their face as Kaia to the shocked hunters before she escapes. Dean tells a confused Jody, he thinks it might be Kaia from another world, so they decide to go after her for answers.

After ambushing and tying her up, they interrogate Kaia, they realize that she is indeed the alternate reality counterpart of their Kaia, just like Castiel and Bobby's counterparts. Jody questions her on killing the real Kaia, as she states that was an accident as she was trying to kill Claire, to Jody's surprise. She refuses to explain how she opened up a rift between the worlds or where her spear is but remembers how Dean had once threatened the Main Universe Kaia with a gun to get her to comply. When Kaia refuses to give up the location of her spear, Dean threatens to torture her to get it, leading Kaia to taunt him that Dean is no better than Michael. When Dean remembers that Michael approached Kaia to form an alliance and she attacked him instead. The interrogation is cut short by the arrival of four of Michael's enhanced vampires who demand Kaia and the spear. The hunters prove to be no match for the vampires, but Dean manages to shoot out the leg on Kaia's chair, freeing her in the hopes that she will help them.

Instead, Kaia flees out a window but unexpectedly returns with her spear to kill the four vampires and save Jody, Dean, and Sam. Jody points out that Kaia saved them when she didn't have to, but she claims that by killing the werewolves she was only helping herself. Though the Winchesters warn her that if she keeps her spear, she will be a target for Michael's monsters, she departs saying that she has been running from monsters successfully all of her life. In the aftermath, they part ways with Jody on good terms.

In Absence, after Mary and Jack disappear, Dean calls Jody but she hasn't heard anything.

Season 15[]

In Atomic Monsters, Sam has a nightmare of a world where he never stopped drinking demon blood and is the leader of a demon army. When Dean confronts Sam in the bunker, Sam mentions that he expected Dean to come for him after what happened in Sioux Falls, to which Dean replies how horrible it is that Sam killed Jody and Bobby Singer.

In Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven, God threatens Jody and Donna in his efforts to get Sam and Dean to stop looking for a way to defeat him. However, they refuse to stop, recognizing that God is a threat to them regardless.

In The Trap, God shows Sam a vision of what the world will become if the Winchesters trap God including an alternate future Jody. In addition, God reveals that Sam's nightmares have been God's memories alternate universes, including the one where the demon blood drinking Sam had killed Jody.

Physical Appearance[]

Jody is a woman with fair skin and black hair (graying as of 2017). She originally had a bob haircut that was cut short. She has bright colored eyes. In terms of height, Jody is only slightly shorter than Dean Winchester.

During work hours, Jody dons a normal sheriff's uniform. Like Sam and Dean, Jody has worn plaid shirts outside of work.


Jody Mills 12x22 1.png

As a law enforcement officer, Jody is strong, collected, and tough. She is kind, compassionate and can be smoothly sarcastic when she needs to be. She sometimes acts motherly to Sam and Dean, occasionally bossing them around and nearly using her "mother voice" on Sam until he interrupted her. She is very protective of her adopted daughters, though she fails somewhat in trusting their judgment and can come off as a little too strict as a result. Despite this, her motherly influence is shown to have a positive effect on them, changing Alex into a caring person and with Claire admitting that without Jody mothering her, she wouldn't have been ready for the world.

Following the death of her husband, Jody has attempted to find romance. So far, her attempts have failed, with one attempt nearly costing Jody her life.

Jody is shown to be an open minded person, as she has seen the supernatural and is hardly surprised by it anymore. She is willing to help her friends out in such matters and is very focused in defeating any threat.

Skills and Abilities[]

  • Proficient Hunting Skills- Jody has proven to be skilled in hunting, as she was able to identify when things are out of the ordinary. She is quite skilled in hunting vampires and easily killed one on her own and killed another with help, she even offered to teach Donna Hanscum how to do so. In Wayward Sisters, Jody is still skilled in hunting and was able to kill many Cloaked Figures and barely get a scratch.



  • In the episode The Monster at the End of This Book, upon seeing Castiel and Zachariah in the same room, Dean remarks: "Well look at this – The Suite Life of Zach and Cass." This is an allusion to the Disney Channel show The Suite Life of Zack and Cody about troublesome twin boys who live in a hotel. Kim Rhodes who plays Sheriff Mills is one of the stars of the show.
  • In Who We Are, Jody's age is revealed to be 41.
    • That makes Jody 7 years younger than her actress, Kim Rhodes.
  • While Jody has gotten involved in several cases with the Winchesters over the years, the ones she gets involved with the most are Vampires and gods. Jody encountered vampires in Alex Annie Alexis Ann, Hibbing 911 and Don't You Forget About Me. The Winchesters also tried to send Emily, a girl they believed rescued from vampires to her in There Will Be Blood. Jody encountered gods in Time After Time and Rock and a Hard Place.
  • Jody Mills shares her name with Sheriff Mills from Harper's Island, who was portrayed by Jim Beaver, the actor who portrays Bobby Singer.
  • According to Jody, when she first met Asa Fox, he introduced himself as Agent Fox Mulder of the FBI, a reference to the hit paranormal TV show the X-Files. Jody states she saw right through the deception.
  • Both of Jody's adopted daughters were turned into a monster: Alex was a vampire and Claire was a werewolf. Both were cured by the Winchesters efforts. Jody's son had also been resurrected as a flesh-eating zombie.
  • Jody was to be a major character in the spinoff, Supernatural: Wayward Sisters.
  • Jody appears to have been a sheriff for a considerable period of time. In Weekend at Bobby's, she comments that she has been arresting Bobby for about ten years with the episode taking place in 2010. This means she has been sheriff since at least 2000 meaning that Jody has spent at least eighteen years in the role as of the end of Season 13.
  • Besides Sam and Dean, Jody and Bobby Singer have appeared in the second most seasons, preceded only by Castiel. Jody has appeared in every season since season 5, while Bobby appeared in every season until his last appearance in season 11. Castiel has appeared in every season since season 4.