Jimmy Novak was the vessel of the angel Castiel.

He was the Apocalypse World counterpart of Jimmy Novak.


At some point, presumably after the start of the Apocalypse, Jimmy was taken as a vessel by the angel Castiel.

In 2018, Castiel was confronted by his Main Universe counterpart who was also using the body of his world's Jimmy as a vessel. During the confrontation, the Main Universe Castiel killed his Apocalypse World counterpart with an angel blade to the abdomen. Jimmy was killed along with the Castiel who was possessing him.



  • Out of all the angel vessels seen in Apocalypse World, Jimmy is the only one who is the same for an Apocalypse World counterpart to a Main Universe angel. All of the other angels seen have taken different vessels than their Main Universe counterparts, particularly Zachariah.
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