Jimmy Novak is the true vessel of Castiel. A very devout Christian, he prayed for years to assist the Lord.


Jimmy was your average Joe before Castiel called upon him. He would pray before they ate dinner (which he was strict about). Then when he fell asleep in front of the TV, it begins to show static. Jimmy notices this and goes to turn it off, but it won't turn off. Then he hears an ear piercing noise, and collapses on the floor.

Jimmy now can hear Castiel's voice, and Castiel asks Jimmy to prove his faith and stick his hand in a pot of boiling water. Which Jimmy does and is amazed by the fact that his hand is fine. His wife walks in on him with his hand in the pot and freaks out. Jimmy tries to reassure her, by telling her Castiel told him that no harm would come, but she is not convinced.

Later on, she tries to get him to take some pills due to her belief that Jimmy is going crazy. Jimmy refuses, telling her he's not crazy. Jimmy tells her that Castiel chose him, she inquired if it was Castiel the angel. Jimmy tells her that Castiel has talked to Jimmy a number of times. He asks Amelia about her belief in god and Angels, and why it would be so hard to believe that they are talking to him. Amelia retorts by saying that he sells Ad times on AM radio, Jimmy interrupted her by telling her that Castiel says that he is special. It's in his bloodline. She asks what that means, Jimmy doesn't know but tells her that Castiel told him that God had chosen him for a higher purpose. Jimmy pulls her to the couch and tells Amelia that this is a blessing, that this is the best thing to ever happed to him. Amelia reminds him that his family is the best thing to happen to him. Amelia ends the conversation by telling Jimmy if he doesn't get help, she is going to take Clare to her mother's house in the morning.

With no other option, Jimmy gets ready to leave. On his way out he grabs his trench coat. Standing in front of his house, he calls to Castiel. He tells the angel that he wants to help and something about his family. Jimmy asks Castiel to talk to him, and then Castiel answers. Castiel convinces Jimmy to says yes, and Jimmy asks Castiel to promise to keep his family safe. He then says "Yes". Castiel comes and possesses Jimmy's body. Castiel, wearing Jimmy, leaves.

The Rapture

After a big battle, Castiel is thrown from Jimmy's body. Then Jimmy wakes up and see two men (Sam and Dean) in front of him calling him Cas. Jimmy responds by saying, not Castiel. Later on Sam and Dean get him something to eat and fansinated to see "Castiel", well his body, eat. They ask Jimmy what it was like to have an angel inside you. Jimmy answers it like one giantic rocket ride. They also ask him what happened to Cas, and Jimmy tells them he has not idea. He just woke up and was him again. Jimmy asks if he can go back to his family, but Sam tells him no.

After Sam and Dean talk, they tell Jimmy he needs to stay with them awhile; for protection. He is confused by this. They continue to tell him that demons are after him, which shocks Jimmy. Jimmy tells Sam and Dean that he doesn't know anything, but Sam responds that the demons don't care, they'll still want Jimmy. So they put Jimmy on lockdown in their motel room. But when Sam steps out (and Dean asleep), Jimmy escapes and jumps on a bus back home.

When he arrives there, he see his family and is hit with the memory of when he was last here. So he goes and rings the doorbell, and Amelia opens the door. She is shocked to see him, and tells Jimmy they stopped looking for him. Once inside his own home, he asks if he can see Claire, but Amelia refuses. To convince his wife, he lies to her telling her that he was in a mental instution the whole time getting better. She unsure what to do, but Jimmy convinces to try again.

Supernatural 430a
So they have dinner, but they notice changes in Jimmy. Like how he doesn't say prayer before eating anymore. Then a demon comes (disguised as his friend), and Jimmy attacks. His wife is horrified by this. Jimmy tries to get his family to safetly, but they escape. But it is quickly revealed to them their friend was a demon. When the man's demon poscessed wife attacks him, Amelia rushes to Jimmy's aid. Luckily, Sam and Dean show up and save them.

Now escaped, Jimmy is forced to seperate with his family for their safetly. Jimmy asks the boys how long this will be, and Sam answers forever. Jimmy is sadden by this, but sees Sam's point. So Jimmy talks with Amelia before he leaves saying that he'll "see" them again. "Amelia" tells him that she is sorry for everything and she doesn't want him to go. Jimmy tells her its okay, and that this is for their own safetly. He finishes it off by saying that Sam and Dean are going to get them a car, and he wants her to take Claire somewhere safe. Then he gets into the Impala and leaves with Sam and Dean.

So while Jimmy is sleeping, Sam gets a call from "Amelia" and gives it to Jimmy. Jimmy realizes that "Amelia" isn't Amelia and they head to her location. The demons want Jimmy to come alone, so the Winchester make a plan to secrety follow Jimmy in. Jimmy asks for a moment and goes off on his own. Jimmy begins to yell at Castiel for not protecting his family, and not keeping his promises. When Jimmy gets no word from Castiel, he heads into the building.

Once in the building he sees his "wife" and his daughter tied to a chair. Jimmy demands for their release. The demon also reveals she knew that Jimmy would bring Sam and Dean. Two demons bring Sam and Dean out. "Amelia" pulls out a gun and shoots Jimmy. Just as Claire to about to be killed, "Claire" breaks free and destorys the demon. Castiel is poscessing Claire to help save the day. Following Castiel's lead, Sam and Dean break free.


Castiel touching Jimmy

Once the battle is over, Castiel walks over to Jimmy. Jimmy is slowing dying due to the gunshot wound. Castiel reassures Jimmy about his oncoming death, and tells Jimmy he going to a better place, and that his work is done. Jimmy is concerned for his daugther Castiel is poscessing. Realizing she won't have a life with Castiel poscessing her, Jimmy begs Castiel to take him instead. Castiel warns him of the consquences, but Jimmy is determined to let her daugther be free. With that Castiel leaves Claire's body and goes into Jimmy's.

Season 5

Although Jimmy is not "seen", he does affect Castiel when famine hits town. Jimmy's hunger makes Castiel hungry for meat, causes Castiel to go on a hamburger rampage.

Side Effect of Possession

Castiel once said that aside from Jimmy's devout faith he chose him as a vessel because there is something special about Jimmy's bloodline that allows him and others in his family to comfortably have an angel presence inside of them and not suffer ill effects, such as with the Archangels hollowing of their hosts, or Lucifer rotting his host.


Amelia Novak (Wife) (Alive)

Claire Novak (Daughter)  (also has the quality of Novak's bloodline that makes her a potential angel vessel)


The Rapture

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