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Jimmy was a young wannabe hunter-turned vampire in Supernatural: Fresh Meat.

History[edit | edit source]

At some point, Jimmy started working as a barkeep at the Aces and Eights Saloon, a bar frequented by hunters. Jimmy possessed a desire to become a hunter himself, but was not taken seriously and was found to be "excitable" by hunters, particularly his boss Darla.

In 2011, Sam and Dean Winchester and Bobby Singer come to the bar looking for anyone who might have information on a wendigo operating in the Sierra Nevadas. Jimmy is excited to learn that the legendary Winchesters are in "his" bar before being told off by Darla and sent back to work. As the Winchesters, Bobby and Jason prepare to leave, Jimmy eagerly asks to come along, but the hunters decline after Darla signals them not to agree.

Jimmy is later approached by Jason who asks for his help on a hunt. Eager to finally become a hunter, Jimmy accompanies Jason, unaware that he is an aswang and it is a trap. Jason takes Jimmy to a vampire nest in Dayton, Ohio and offers Jimmy up as a gift in exchange for the vampires killing the Winchesters and Bobby. The vampires agree and drain Jimmy nearly dry before turning him into a vampire himself. However, Jimmy is able to retain his human personality and escapes the nest as the vampires prepare to go after Sam and Bobby at Port Reyes Station.

Knowing that Dean is in danger, Jimmy tracks him and Jason from a distance through the mountains. Jimmy is spotted several times by Dean who mistakes him for a hostile monster, at one point taking a shot at Jimmy with a rifle. That night, while Dean is sleeping, Jimmy spots Jason about to attack Dean and goes to protect him. Jason spots Jimmy and slashes him, seriously injuring Jimmy and causing him to leave "a hell of a blood trail." However, Jimmy's new state enables him to keep going and he repeatedly lures Jason out and causes him to get lost in an attempt to have Jason freeze to death, seeing that Jason is vulnerable to the cold. However, Jimmy ultimately fails to kill Jason.

After a massive avalanche, Jimmy appears at the ski lodge where Dean realizes that he is the monster that has been following them and a vampire. Jimmy attacks Jason, knocking him out and dragging him inside the lodge before another avalanche destroys what is left of it. Dean initially believes Jimmy to be evil as he believes Grace to be the monster, but finds out too late its Jason. Hiding in a vent, Jimmy communicates with Dean, explaining what happened and tries without success to find a way out. As Jason goes to feed on Grace to force Dean to talk, Jimmy attacks him with a two-by-four, saving Grace. Jimmy drives Jason out of the room and manages to block the door for a brief time. After Jimmy sets Dean free, he and Dean then start lifting the survivors into the air vent Jimmy had been hiding in. Before they can finish, Jason breaks back in and yanks Jimmy out of the vent. Defiant, Jimmy bites into Jason's neck, resulting in Jason ripping Jimmy's head off with his bare hands, killing Jimmy. However, Jimmy's actions buy Sam and Bobby enough time to arrive and drive off Jason, saving everyone trapped in the collapsed ski lodge.

After killing Jason, Dean tells Sam and Bobby about what happened to Jimmy. While Dean knows that Jimmy is just another casualty of the hunter life, Dean feels bad about his death as Jimmy saved his life and the lives of Grace and Steven with Dean understanding the struggle Jimmy went through to maintain his humanity due to his own experience as a vampire.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Jimmy is described as a rail-thin young man who is pale and has blonde hair. His front teeth are brown and a few are missing entirely. As a vampire he possesses a vampire's fangs and silver-reflecting eyes. While tracking Dean and Jason, he wears a black parka with the hood pulled up and ski goggles.

Personality and Traits[edit | edit source]

As a human, Jimmy is an excitable, overeager wannabe hunter who desperately wants to hunt monsters and is excited by the idea of the "legendary" Winchesters being in "his" bar. He is also gullible and naïve, easily tricked by the aswang Jason due to his desire to be able to hunt.

As a vampire, Jimmy shows himself to have a surprisingly strong will, retaining his human personality and instincts as a hunter rather than letting the change make him a monster. During his brief tenure as a vampire, Jimmy shows himself to be an incredibly brave individual, risking his life to protect Dean and innocent people from a monster he is unable to kill. He also recognizes how foolish he was and is disgusted about being turned into a monster. Jimmy also possessed a grudge against Jason for what Jason did to him and wished to kill him.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

As a vampire, Jimmy possessed the following abilities:

  • Super Strength - As a vampire, Jimmy possessed greater strength than a normal human. Jimmy was capable of briefly overpowering an aswang, a powerfully strong monster, even knocking him out at one point after catching the aswang by surprise.
  • Fangs - Vampires possess a set of retractable fangs. Their teeth are superhumanly strong and can rip open a human's neck and leave huge bite marks on the corpse of the victim it has fed on. Jimmy was able to use this to rip open the aswang Jason's throat, though he caused him no real harm.
  • Super Speed - As a vampire, Jimmy's speed is greater than a regular human.
  • Super Agility - Vampires possess amazing agility. They can climb up walls and jump off buildings without hurting themselves. Jimmy was able to use this to climb around a collapsed building with ease, particularly in and out of a wall vent.
  • Super Senses - Vampires have extremely keen senses that are superior to those of humans. They can see in the dark, hear a human's heart beat, and possess an enhanced sense of smell. A vampire can track a human's blood over long distances. As a vampire, Jimmy was able to effortlessly track Dean and Jason.
  • Immortality - Vampires can potentially live forever. They can't grow old and don't acquire conventional diseases that affect humans.
  • Invulnerability - Vampires can not be killed by conventional methods, such as stab wounds or gunshots. Vampires have an extreme durability to pain as well. Jimmy was able to take a serious injury from Jason and keep going and showed no signs of pain from a gunshot wound to the arm by Dean.
  • Regeneration - Jimmy states that Jason seriously injured him to the point of leaving "a hell of a blood trail" but displays no sign of this injury when Dean encounters him again.
  • Super Stamina - As a vampire, Jimmy is shown to have great stamina, tirelessly tracking Dean and Jason through the cold of a massive blizzard.
  • Basic Hunting Skills - While hunting Jason, Jimmy displayed a basic level of hunting skill and knowledge, enabling him to distract Jason and hold him off for a great period of time. He was also able to recognize that Jason was vulnerable to cold, but that he didn't have a way to kill him when that method otherwise failed.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

  • Mortality - As a regular human, Jimmy was mortal and could be easily harmed or killed like one.
  • Decapitation - As a vampire, Jimmy could be killed through decapitation.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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