Jim Myers' pack is a pack of werewolves living in Grantsburg, Wisconsin that co-exist peacefully with humans.

History[edit | edit source]

For generations, the pack was a part of The Maw of Fenris, a cult of werewolves dedicated to bringing about Ragnarok. Eventually, Jim Myers, a bitten werewolf, married the pack leader's daughter, Joy. After becoming the leader of the pack and the local reverend, Jim led the pack members away from the hatred of their time as members of the Maw of Fenris and into a more spiritual state of being. Under Jim's leadership, the pack fed on livestock and peacefully coexisted with the humans. One member even acted as the local sheriff. To remind themselves of their vulnerabilities, the pack members began wearing silver bullets around their necks. They also came to prefer being called "lycanthropes" rather than werewolves.

Despite Jim's efforts, several of the pack members were not content to coexist amongst humans and instead desired to bring upon Ragnorak so that they could rule over humanity. Following the death of Joy's brother Charlie at the hands of a hunter in the winter of 2012, she secretly revived the Maw of Fenris. Pack members Pat, Russ and Jobah joined in the revived Maw of Fenris.

In early 2013, hunter Garth Fitzgerald IV was bitten by a werewolf on a hunt. Jim's daughter Bess found Garth before he could commit suicide and they fell in love. Garth subsequently joined the pack and married Bess, retiring permanently from hunting.

Later that year, Garth was caught and injured while feeding on some local cattle and it drew the attention of hunters Sam and Dean Winchester who hadn't heard from Garth in months. Garth's injuries exposed the existence of the pack to the two hunters who remained suspicious despite Garth's assurances, particularly Dean. Despite the fact that most of the pack was genuinely harmless, the Maw of Fenris took the opportunity to strike to rally the rest of the pack into helping them bring about Ragnarok. Following a failed attempt by Pat to kill the Winchesters, Joy, Russ and Jobah kidnapped Bess, Garth and Sam with the intention of murdering Bess and Garth and pinning it on Sam. Having learned of the Maw of Fenris, Dean confronted Jim who realized the truth about his wife's actions. Before any real harm could come to Bess, Garth and Sam, Dean attacked and killed Russ, Jobah and Joy.

Following the death of the rogue pack members, the Winchesters realized that the pack was in fact harmless and left them alone to live their lives. Though Garth offered to hunt again, Dean encouraged him to stay with the family he'd created with the werewolf pack.

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