Jim Myers is a werewolf who worked at the local church as the reverend.

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A few months after his daughter, Bess, was born, a hunter killed his werewolf wife. He wanted to get revenge, but chose not to upon realizing that his daughter was worth living for. He soon met Joy and she raised Bess as her own. When Bess became an adult, she tracked down Garth, a bitten, and stopped him from committing suicide and recruited him into the pack.

Season 9[edit | edit source]

When Garth's raids against a farmer's livestock for hearts attracted the attention of Sam and Dean, Garth invited the latter to meet with Jim and the pack to prove that they could co-exist with humans. Jim remained calm and collected against Dean's suspicious behavior.

Later on, when he entered his church to compose his sermon, Jim was confronted by Dean, who accused him and his pack of being a part of a cult called The Maw of Fenris. Jim defended that he eradicated the Maw's influence when he took over from Joy's father. Dean then revealed that he and Sam were almost killed by the sheriff, who was a werewolf and a cultist, which genuinely surprised Jim. Dean then checked Jim's silver bullet for an engraving of Ragnarok and found none. It is later revealed that Joy, along with Russ and Jobah had restarted the Maw after Joy's brother was killed by a hunter and were planning to kill Garth and Bess and pin their deaths on the Winchesters so Jim would convert to the Maw. Dean managed to kill the three conspirators before they could carry out their plan. Though his daughter was safe, Jim was heart-broken by Joy's betrayal, blaming himself for not recognizing his wife's grief.[1]

Season 15[edit | edit source]

In The Heroes' Journey, Bess offers Sam a drink to help with his illness which she states is her father's secret recipe.

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