Jim was one of Famine's victims.


Jim met a woman named Janice about a week ago and fell in love, unaware that a Cupid had united them under the orders of Heaven. Their relationship took a turn for the extreme not long after and Jim and Janice began struggling to stay apart.

While at work one night, Jim struggled to keep off his cell phone, much to the annoyance of a co-worker, Brad, who was heading a project that Jim was supposed to be a part of. Brad refused to give Jim some spare time to contact Janice, and accused Janice of keeping Jim on a leash, which Jim denied.

Suddenly, a crying Janice arrived at the office and accused Jim of choosing work over her. Jim denied, and when Brad tried to intervene with suggestive remarks, Janice shot him in the heart. Janice bemoaned the list of things that were keeping them separated, and knew that prison was going to be next on the list.

Jim agreed, and suggested the pair commit suicide to avoid such a fate, and allow them to stay together forever. Jim and Janice aimed the gun at Janice, and fired. Janice died. Jim shot himself soon after.

Jim and Janice's souls would get picked up by Famine's Soul Carrier and delivered to Famine for consumption. Famine was the real cause for Jim and Janice's odd behavior.


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