Jill was a friend to Donna Shoemaker and Charlie. Smells like the ocean-


Season 1Edit

Jill attended Steven Shoemaker's funeral so she could comfort her friend. During the reception, Sam and Dean approach Donna and ask some questions. Later on, she and Charlie are talking on the phone about them. They both agree that Sam and Dean are "cute" but when Charlie expresses her belief that Bloody Mary might be the culprit behind Steven's death, Jill laughs at her and decides to prove her friend wrong by saying Bloody Mary at the mirror. Bloody Mary does appear and kills Jill, much to Charlie's horror. Sam and Dean investigate and discover the name Gary Bryman, a victim of a hit-and-run. The car was described as a black Toyota Camry. Charlie recognizes it at Jill's car, meaning Bloody Mary had killed Jill for the murder of Gary.[1]



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